#216) Ballet 2

Building on what I (initially) posted yesterday, I’d like to continue discussing ballet for a bit. Actually, I found more photos than I could use for just one entry, so want to discuss them mostly, among other butt stuff.
Look at the featured photograph, please. It is aesthetically pleasing, but did you notice that the light seems to emanate from beneath the dancers tutus? I LOVE this photo! It clearly depicts the fact that light bursts forth from women’s orifices. Lick the light! Drink in the beauty!
They say that the great Balanchine conducted his ballet classes carrying a wooden cane in his gnarled hand, with which he would hammer out the beat on the floor. This, of course, piqued my imagination. I’d conduct class with a thin rattan cane in my hand. When a ballerina made a mistake in my class, she would bend over double. Her tutu would tilt, exposing the fact that no leotards were worn, no stockings. Titties would bounce unfettered, but more importantly, buttocks would be bared to my cane’s tutelage. The girls learned that I was strict in my instruction. Their bottoms would pay the price for their legs or timing errors. At the end of class, all members would line-up at the barre, bend over fully. Light would pour forth, as would my lessons with the rod. Muscular orbs would dance under the swishing.

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