#217) May the Fourth Be with You

Apparently, the droids wanted Princess Leia out of her clothes as much as I did… Happy Star Wars Day!

7 responses to “#217) May the Fourth Be with You”

    • The Princess had that imperious attitude, she needed spanking & I hope she got a butt-full from sexy Hans. I don’t think the first few spankings would get through to Leia sufficiently, definitely a case where he should’ve taken a hold of her by those hair buns, and fucked her up the patootie to bring her down to earth, so to speak… Now, THAT would make a watchable action-adventure movie!

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    • Never have seen Charlie’s Angels, but ALL the lovelies who acted in it were hotties. I did see the movie and have a girl crush on Lucy Lui. Thanks for adding your perspective, Biggie!


      • Dear Mr. Brownstone,
        I wish they featured a “love” button along with a “like” button because I LOVE your wordplay!
        Jean Marie


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