#218) Cinco de Mayo Latinx

Cinco de Mayo is usually just an excuse to go out to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. For me, it’s going to be a milestone…
As I’ve shared, I don’t have a type when it comes to men. I’m trying to wean myself away from dating older, rich men, but generally speaking, I’m open to seeing any Dominant, intelligent, articulate guy. I think I’ve digested the lessons to be learned from my recent past, so am ready to reenter the dating pool. I am not interested in long-distance correspondence; I prefer to meet someone in the flesh, feel the chemistry, let things take their course… He ought to be in his thirties or forties. I like a man who is taller than my five foot, eight inch height (and I often wear high heels to add to that), and larger than I am, so I can feel like a little girl in his arms or over his knee. I like a man who can toss me around, but is polite enough not to do so until we’re in private (though Public Displays of this Affection can be fun, too).
As I’ve shared, I do have a type when it comes to female attraction. I like ethnic looking girls, especially Italian or Hispanic women. I ran across the photo of the woman posted here, and immediately ran my fingers down to tweak hardening nipples, then dance down to part my pussy lips, swish and swirl the moisture there around my stiff clitty, finger some of it up my butt crack and into my rosebud. I’ve cum twice already, thinking about what I’d like to do to her, what I’d like her to do to me, and I’ve just come upon the photo. Generally, I like olive skin, but, as you can see by this pink, pretty lass, that’s not necessary. I love dark, flashing eyes, long, straight dark hair, and (it goes without saying, but is so much fun to write that I’ll stress it anyway) I LOVE a nice, big bottom. This girl has a BIG bottom and thick thighs. I’d love to spank her hard for not exercising her backside regularly and vigorously. (I think that a routine spanking regimen helps improve the tone of the buttocks, so I’d like to watch her exercise in the nude, then spank her afterward, when her skin is humid.) I like the whisper of dark hair on her arms and up her crack. It makes me wonder if she’s hairy in her crevices, under her arms. I don’t mind if she’s hirsute as long as she’s clean and odor-free (or even if she isn’t entirely…)
As I’ve shared, I want to explore this bi-curious side of my sexuality. I want to spank and be spanked by a woman (not necessarily the same one). I want to taste another woman’s pussy, and experiment with pleasing her with my tongue. I want to try-on a strap-on and feel one applied to my naughty bits. I’m coming out of hiding and coming out. I don’t want to be able to sit for supper; I do want to feast all my senses on a fellow, kinky girl, and be her dessert.
Now I want to masturbate some more to the image of this dark lady of my sonnets.

3 responses to “#218) Cinco de Mayo Latinx”

  1. She was sitting on her big bum; it’s slightly pink. I make her stand in the corner until her bottom is a uniform alabaster white, a blank canvas for me to create a masterpiece upon…

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