#219) Bite the Pillow

When I was an adolescent growing up, my girlfriends and I had our own special language, terms (usually sexual) for things. The term “bite the pillow” meant that your boyfriend (which NONE of us had yet) wanted anal sex from you, and suggested that you bite the pillow while taking it in the ass, in order to quietly be able to endure it, to give your man the pleasure he deserved. All of this made me super uncomfortable because I was secretly VERY anal-erotic; whenever I masturbated there was always a finger (or more) up my butt.

So, I came upon this photograph and lost it. He’s pulling her hair. She’s biting the pillow. You know what’s going in where next.

Now I know that it shouldn’t hurt, if you’re doing it right. I like to be able to talk while I’m getting it from behind in the behind, to tell my lover how good it is, make suggestions, moan my appreciation… But in my mind, I’m still that adolescent who fears and craves “biting my pillow.”

14 responses to “#219) Bite the Pillow”

    • Do reincarnated pillows have ears?
      “Do you like it when I’m nasty, baby? Yes, pull me apart wide. Like what you see? Do you think that big thing will fit in that tiny space? Let’s try… Use lots of lube, please! Yes, that feels SO GOOD! God, I could cum just from the fingering alone! No, I want to save it. Put it in, slow, yes, God, I love being stretched back there, I love how dirty this makes me feel, I love being so full of cock. Fuck me, lover, fuck my naughty ass! Do me, do me, do me, do me dirty!”
      Or words to that effect…
      Warmly (and blushing so red right now),
      Jean Marie

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    • I confess that I don’t read hieroglyphics or emojis. Is the lion on fire and sweating. Did my words turn you into an animal, an animal that’s hot, that’s squirting…? Help me know what you’re saying please, teach this teacher a new language.

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  1. YES…YES AND YES! Bare bottom across my knees and legs spread NOW young lady as I teach you properly sassy girl ✋🏻🍑✋🏻

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    • Well, thank you for that elucidation, sir!
      I am sassy. I posted the next one (She Knows) just for Doms who think I’m too big for my britches.
      I must confess that when I wrote my reply about “the words that come to mind” during the act, I felt like such a bad girl! If I had a man, I would’ve come to him after pressing the “post” button and asked for a spanking. (No self spanking would suffice.) But, alas, no lover/Top, so I had to live with it, stew in my juices, let it marinate over night. And “She Knows” came out of me…


      • Well DAMN! I missed your statement back to me the other day regarding my punctuation. Looks like I will have to “teach the teacher” in an after school session. You will be wearing a school girl outfit and be bent over your desk skirts up and panties down (of course! is there any other way? 😈) as I use your own ruler on your bottom on your own desk…Eventually you will find yourself completely bared minus your knee high socks and plimsolls, head down and bottom up, legs spread, hard nipples scraping against your desk and all of your sweet feminine charms and most intimate parts on full display to my amused eyes…my marked up paper under your face, the red pen marks matching the marks across your quickly reddening bottom as I teach you the errors of your ways young lady…One of my many thoughts anyways sweet producer of naughty prose


    • I suggested that you write your own blog a while ago, Big K. Your most recent comment here is lacking four different punctuation marks. Consider it all marked-up with my red teacher’s pencil. You’ll have to do better, my condescending eyes say as I hand it back to you. What do you say to that, sir?


      • Dear Big K,
        You don’t follow the rules of writing, and you think I’ll get spanked in my own classroom, over my own desk, with my own ruler? I respond, Pish-tosh, sir! That’s a lot of malarky, balderdash, baloney, bullsh*t!
        (Actually, wearing a schoolgirl outfit, and the promise of a ruler across my bottom would probably excite me right out of my knickers and over my desk to stare at the red-bathed paper as you red-bathe a big butt…)
        Truce, sir?
        Jean Marie


  2. I heard it as “eat the/her pillow.”

    Had a spanking GF who liked to be perched over a bolster, sometimes straddling it with her fun parts rubbing against it as I spanked or strapped her tush. (I know. She was a wanton slut! Sad.)

    In that position she almost always held and hugged a standard pillow as in the photo. When she orgasmed she’d bury her face into that pillow! (Muffle the groans…?)

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  3. Okay truce…just as soon as you are done with your hands on head bare red bottom on display corner time 😉🍑✋🏻

    Bottom warmingly to you young lady


    • You’re lucky that I’m a nice girl and that I’m submissive and not Fem Dom, or you might have had your balls kicked in.
      “I HATE corner time,” I protest with a stamp of my foot, fully expecting more punishment for this headstrong display. I give you some side eye, saying, “Whatcha gonna do about it, Biggie?” with my thoughts…


  4. Now you would think young lady as I pull you out of the corner by your ear and over my lap that after spending time in the corner naked but for knee high socks and plumsoll shoes AND with a ruby red bottom from your earlier punishments that you would be smart enough to realize that giving me “sass” both verbal and non-verbal would put you in just this very situation young lady…as my hand rests on your still hot and very red naughty bottom…I guess not as I firmly hold you in place and my hand raises above your sweet bottom. Just made for spanking I think as I take it all in


    • Well Big K, you’ve proven tenacious in your interest to punish my innocent bottom regardless of the circumstances. How about the consequences of a well administered spanking? Does it turn you on, like it does me? Even though I would resent you for punishing me unjustifiably, that wouldn’t keep my pussy from getting involved, getting puffy and in desperate need of a pet, getting quite wet to lubricate that touch. When I’m back on display in the corner after my SECOND hard spanking, you’d watch me part my sex with both hands, spread that jism all around, and jill-off energetically. Would that entice your stiffy to want to come out to play? Would you need “to take matters in hand” too and join me in masturbatory relief? Want to join my circle jerk circle, sir?


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