#220) She Knows

She knows that she’s looking good. She’s watched all that she’s eaten for portion control, never eating anything past a certain hour of the evening. She’s exercised her body to a fine fettle. Aerobics and cardio classes, Pilates and dance, both jazz and tap.
She knows that she’s going to get her bottom spanked this evening. Her boyfriend is something of a percussionist, as well as a Dom. He’s always tapping on this, drumming on that. Tonight, her tight drum of a derriere is going to be the focus of all that smacking. She likes looking at it in the mirror, to see what he’ll see. The only difference between now and then is that soon the pale flesh will be colored pink, then ruddy, all the way to a deep magenta, and the cool flesh will absorb a lot of heat, so that it just has to reflect it back outward, like all full moons do.

3 responses to “#220) She Knows”

  1. She knows that her butt is a taunt. She keeps it consistently bare, to keep it on your mind constantly. She waggles it in your face. What’re you gonna do about it? You say you’re a Dom; prove it! She runs her hand over the smooth, cool, white flesh. It’s a taunt. Think that you’re man enough to make it hot and red, to make her cry, to make her sorry, to make her beg?

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    • Dear Christian,
      By the term, “her sweet star,” do you mean (gasp) her rosebud, her anus, what some people refer to as a starfish? Oh, sir! The audacity, the indecency, the …incredible, incendiary heat of such a thing!
      Please have a wonderfully steamy weekend, too!
      Jean Marie


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