#221) Traditional Views

I found this photo on a tumblr site devoted to traditional Christian values. I don’t proselytize about this sentiment, which I happen to agree with, or about my religious beliefs.

I wonder what the people who posted this would think of this blog, what they think of submission if it isn’t between a (at birth male gender identified) man and his (at birth female gender identified) wife. What if that “submission” isn’t only to love, honor, and obey in all things, including the missionary position, and includes spankings if the wife doesn’t fulfill her vows, but addresses two women (or more) (or non-binary individuals) together in bed (without the blessing of marriage) doing things such as whipping and binding and intercourse in other orifices? With tongues and fingers and other appendages (oh, my!). With vibrators and didos and strap-ons… It boggles my mind. I like my mind boggled! I don’t get the impression that the people who publish that site like their minds played with and boggled. I’d like to pry them open, like the tightly clamped orifices of the pictured lady. I’d like to remove the thorny stick that seems to be deep up her ass. And insert something of my own, something else…

“Oh, Jeanie, I never…!”

“I know that you’ve never, but you ought to… often…! Now, bend over and take it, bitch!”

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