#222) Traditional Dialogue Between Mummy and Daughter

With the above sentiment in mind, here is a fictionalized dialogue concerning the photo below.
“Now Julie, Mummy got you fed your supper and bathed and dressed up in that pretty pinafore early tonight for a reason. Daddy is going to be home from work soon. When he comes home, after you’ve greeted him, I want you to go into your room to play. You know, Julie, how, when you’re bad, Mummy has to take the wooden spoon to your bared bottom for a spank or two? Well, Daddy told me over the phone that he’s upset about how Mummy spent some money, and he told me he wants to use that wooden spoon on me! So if you hear some strange noises coming from the kitchen, please pay them no mind. And afterward, if you hear some strange noises coming from our bedroom, play them no heed, either. Sometimes giving Mummy a dose of the wooden spoon on her bared bottom gets Daddy worked-up. If that happens, and Daddy wants to express… his excitement with Mummy one way, you may have a little sister or brother in nine months! And if Daddy wants to put his thing… I mean, express his excitement another way… well, Mummy may be walking kind of funny tomorrow at breakfast… I promise that I will be in to help you change into your pajamas and tuck you in tonight, no matter if it’s on time, or a little later than usual. It never takes your Daddy very long to finish his business! Okay, darling?”

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