#225) Positioned 1

It’s been a long time (far too long) since I was positioned for discipline. I don’t mean put across a knee and spanked. I mean put into a position that I was instructed NOT to move a muscle from assuming perfectly, and punished hard. It’s been so long, I wonder if I’ve lost some of my willpower and obedience-ability.
Maybe, for my first-time-in-a-long-time beating, I’d need to be put on a block like the one pictured and restrained in place. I love that this girl is chained everywhere, around her wrists and ankles, of course, but around her neck, and even around her hips to keep that butt high in the air.
Chains of restraint like these demand an implement of similar severity for a punishment of consequence, a beating that will be memorable. If I were chained with my bottom arched-up, I think I’d need to be bullwhipped. Chains just naturally go with heavy whips, right?
My Master would (fortunately) be a master with the long, braided-leather single-tail whip, too. He knows that, although my butt is big and a perfect target, my hide is thin and I’m a big pussy at heart when it comes to heavy discipline. He cracks the whip just millimeters off the surface of my tushy, leaving marks and welts, stinging like the dickens, but not breaking the skin. This bullwhipper’s crack is more fearsome/worse than the whip’s actual bite. He concentrates the beating on my butt, sticking up there like a beacon in the night. He lights me up, whipping me until I’m screaming and my bottom is covered in a lattice-work of stripes. I need this for my re-introduction to being a good little submissive.

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  1. I LOVED Hermione’s Heart brunch topic this past weekend where we discussed most hated/favorite positions for spanking. I’ll state again here (because it turns me on talking about it) that I will always swoon when put OTK, and that I detest the diapering position! It hurts so much more when ones’ bottom is stretched, but I also hate having my spanker right there, above me, looking in my eyes, looking stern as he punishes me. When OTK, I’m in my own little world as I get my big bottom’s needs addressed.
    Imagine the trust it would take to be restrained over a punishment block in chains like the featured photo at the top! Talk about swooning! I am right now. Excuse me while I address the needs of my ravenous va-ja-ja, please…

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    • I’d make one change if I could to the top position. I’d undo the chains to the submissive’s left arm/wrist, to allow her to reach underneath her hips, to touch her sex as she is whipped. If she were to reach back to protect her bottom, she would be re-restrained and punished with an extra set of lashes for it. But jilling-off would allow her to withstand more punishment, at least it does for me.
      Thanks erosprism!

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      • I totally agree! I have more thoughts on this I’ll add tomorrow. Haven’t had a chance to reply before this, but it’s late now and I’m sleepy. Sweet dreams. 😘

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    • Thanks! I feel much better today. Well, other than being at work. My only other thoughts were as follows. Sometimes it does turn me on to think about the punishment and use of a submissive’s body without regard for their arousal, stimulation, and orgasm. Most of the time, however, I find it much hotter when they get off from their spanking, punishment, degradation, and debauchery. So, I’d love it they were able to play with themselves during their spanking/punishment, etc. Or even better, another partner or myself teases/stimulates them during it. I mean, obviously, to each their own, but this is what I like the most. So I think I’m at least somewhat in agreement with your take. Have a great day! I have to get back to work!

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