#226) Positioned 2

I’m a stickler for good positioning and posture during punishment. If my Top wants me to arch my lower back and stick my bottom out, I’ll do my damnedest to obey fully to please him (or maybe someday, her).
At the same time, punishment hurts! It’s only natural to tuck your tail underneath if you’re aware that you’re completely dominated, if you want the contest-of-wills to cease, if you’re Done. Every common cur on the street knows this, lives by this credo.
That’s why I was so impressed with this photo. I don’t know who the pretty recipient/submissive is. (If you do, please say so in the comment section.) But I do know well the spanker/Top, he’s Michael Masterson of Real Spanking Institute. He’s well known as a very strict Top, his use of the big wooden paddle is infamous. If you’re getting a paddling at his hands, you’re in for a doozy of a beating. It is both a fantasy and a nightmare of mine to have to bend over for Mr. Masterson to punish me. But look closely at the girl over the ottoman, please. She has her back deeply arched and her bottom presented impeccably well. I believe that this is a still photo from a DVD of the spanking. Perhaps the girl was working her hips back and forth in synchronicity with the spanks, rubbing her pussy on the cushion of the footrest as the blow lands, then arching her bottom out for the next swat. But I don’t think so; it looks to me as though she’s sticking her cute butt out for his spanking even though this means that she’s unable to alleviate the sting by rubbing/jilling-off. That’s a good submissive, taking her punishment as she should! She’s better than me at it. I hope that Mr. Masterson praised her (but I bet he beat her butt just as hard, anyway).
Two more things about this that I want to mention. First, if that’s her plastic water bottle on the end table to the right without a coaster underneath it, I hope Mr. Masterson gave her an extra specially long and hard spanking. And second, this girl’s drop-seat pajamas are so frigging cute, I did a deep dive into photos of these style of p.j.’s and it turned me on so much, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to stop touching myself! Below is one of the best photos I came across in my fun search.

3 responses to “#226) Positioned 2”

    • There appear to be a series of snaps that secure this drop-seat. Imagine yanking them open, dropping her drawers, having that sweet, succulent, full round bottom bounce out! Ah, the imagination boggles at the possibilities of what to do with such a bounteous butt, doesn’t it, Violets?

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      • A beautiful, bounteous, bouncy bare bum. Creamy and pale, petal soft and breathtaking in its presentation. A veritable Can-o-copia, dear JM.

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