#227) Positioned 3

To wrap-up this topic, I submit for your approval the following two photos, both of which intrigued me. (Which is a polite way of saying that when I came across each one, I stopped scrolling and started diddling. I literally came across each one! That’s my barometer; if a pic excites me, I think it might engage you, dear reader.)

IF the choice of presenting my bottom for attention is to be taken away from me, this top featured photo is one super sexy way to do it!

And below, please peruse the picture of a pillory. Look at the girl’s facial expression. She’s saying to herself, “Oh, fuck, I can’t move a muscle! My butt is really in for it now…” That thought is quite loud in her head at this anticipatory moment. Drown it out with the thick razor strap. Apply it with accuracy and high velocity. Make her cry out, make me plead for mercy, make her beg, make her sorry for the LEGITIMATE offense that she ACTUALLY committed, JUSTIFYING this hard punishment (hint, hint, hint, Big K…). Wash her thought-processes away with the flood of real, pure, righteous punishment, until she is limp within the restraints, exhausted and spent, thrashed and contrite.

4 responses to “#227) Positioned 3”

  1. From, beds, to over the knee, spanking benches, and St. Andrews crosses there are so many ways to position someone for a good spanking. That’s half the fun right there.
    One of my goals this summer is to build a spanking bench or two, I do like working with my hands.

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      • The first couple will be for my use, they will be an experiment of sorts. One design is a folding bench that collapses and can be put in the closet or under the bed. The other is a standard spanking bench as would be found in a dungeon. We are both out to our family in regards to our lifestyle, they have seen the paddles and canes I make and sell. so it is accepted as the norm. As for friends these days I have very few vanilla friends, most are also folks that are part of the BDSM lifestyle.

        If the benches work out to my satisfaction I will be offering them for sale at some point.

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