#228) Positioned 4

Having shown photos of restrained women in posts for days, I thought I’d just put this right here right now.
This infatuating submissive with the sublimely phat fanny is restrained only by her mind, by the memorized and innate rules she lives by in her subconscious soul, to please her Dom, to give him her all. Look how she offers herself up. You could call it whole-heartedly, but it’s more with her heart-shaped ass and aroused sex than the organ pumping in her chest. It is complete, without any inhibition, however.
Her Dom proves worthy of her sincere gift of self. She wants, needs, and deserves a whipping, and he will give it to her in full measure. But he wants to worship her afterward, too. After she has taken his punishment, careful to hold still, even though the lashes come dangerously close to her exposed lips and do pain her rosebud, she accepts the tribute of his invading tongue, bathes in his loving caresses, accepts his profuse but equally sincere compliments and praise.
She has been found guilty, sentenced, punished, and now she is shown that she is forgiven. Her Dom presses his erect cock into her sex, makes sweet love with her, brings her to orgasm. Then he presses his slick cock into her anus, shares sinful intercourse with her there, and brings her to a more profound orgasm.
When they can again think and speak, they spoon on the gold brocade bedspread, and she whispers over her shoulder, “I am yours, forever and for always.”
He responds in kind in her delicate ear. “I know, and I cherish that gift.”

4 responses to “#228) Positioned 4”

  1. Being bound by rope, leather, or any other type of restraint can be intoxicating. Being told to hold a position by words, Honor Bound takes things to a whole new level. When minds mesh words can bind tighter than any other means of being restrained.

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