#230) “Clean Your Room!”

When I was a teenager in high school, the house rule was that your bedroom had to clean or you were in trouble. So when I saw this drawing, it brought up memories. I created this fiction from that.

Mary had Math homework to do, but couldn’t face it yet, so thought about dreamy Brad, and before she knew it, her hand was deep in her pants and her fingers were deep in her dream-factory, and Brad was kissing her, telling her that she was the one, the one he couldn’t stop thinking about, the one he wanted to go steady with, the one he wanted to share sex with…

Knock, knock, knock.

“Just a second!” She tried to pull up her jeans as she wiped the creamy-stickiness all over her fingers on the denim, as her Dad appeared at the opening door. Thank God he’d knocked, Mary thought to herself.

“I saw the condition of this bedroom before you came home from school. You know the house rule, Mary. Get your pants down.” He started to take off his belt.

Mary knew better than to argue. She struggled to pull the tight pants down without bringing her skimpy underwear down, too. Then she bent over the edge of her bed while kneeling on the floor. Could he smell her arousal? Were her panties visibly wet?

Her dad gave her ten licks with the leather belt across her upturned ass. It hurt like hell, but she was adamant that he wouldn’t make her cry out. She blinked back her hot tears. Just as suddenly as it all began it was over.

“Clean this room up!” he said as he laced the belt through his pants’ loops once more. “If I can’t see the floor, it’s not clean! I’m coming back before dinnertime, if this room isn’t in great shape, I’ll assume that this lesson wasn’t sufficient, and I’ll give you a harder, longer session with my belt on your bare butt. Are we understanding one another, Mary?”

“Yes, sir.”

The door closed again. Mary yanked her panties down and attacked her still-throbbing pussy. It was the only way to dissipate the pain from a belt-whipping.

“You have welts on your ass,” she imagined Brad whispering in her ear as he brushed his erection along her wet slit.

“Yeah, I do…”

“I like that,” she dreamed him saying as he put that big thing of his into her until it wouldn’t go in any further. It was up against her hymen.

“I thought you might…” she responded and she slammed herself down on the cock, felt him break through and penetrate her completely. “I like pain…” she whispered as she rubbed her well-whipped buttocks.

5 responses to “#230) “Clean Your Room!””

    • Guilty as charged! But I’m so glad that you love it and don’t want to punish me for it, write long scenarios about how you’d unjustly dominate me for what comes naturally, for who I am.

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      • Ah, but the two aren’t mutually exclusive. What if I love your dirty mind and who you are and yet still want to punish and dominate you unduly? I can always find excuses to spank and work over a naughty lass such as yourself. Perhaps I will detail more about how I would deal with you in the near future. A pervert like myself would certainly enjoy pushing your boundaries!

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    • I face this dilemma every morning, Christian, when I wake up and my clitoris is calling to me. I usually choose to address the morning wood of my little bean with some spit and polish, to start the day off with a bang. I then see my role in the world to be making this dilemma real for the rest of mankind with my writing. Thank you!

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