#231) Aesthetic

Another drawing that struck a responsive chord deep within me, like I hit a tuning fork on a hard surface and jammed its vibrations into my sex. It has such a beautiful Japanese aesthetic. They are in the special room for school punishments. The esteemed professor is choosing which cane to use on the culprit. Maybe after the medium thick rod is applied, she’ll want to use a bundle of birch twigs on her bared bum, or give her an enema, or… It’s all available to address the misbehaving student’s needs. The prefect is holding the student down, but the latter knows better than to struggle or resist. So the prefect can lend moral support. This will be conveyed with the squeeze of a hand. The professor will not lecture the girl; she knows what she did wrong. The girl will not cry out, that would bring dishonor to compound her disdeed. So the only sound will be the fearsome sound of the cane cutting through the air, and the even more fearsome sound of rattan coming into high velocity contact with tender flesh. When the offending student has been thoroughly dealt with, she will be dismissed to go back to her dormitory, to show her classmates the evidence across her buttocks of the consequences of disobedience. The punishment session will arouse and excite both the prefect and the professor. But only the professor will have her arousal licked clean by the prefect. Such are the privileges of rank. Someday, the prefect will become an esteemed professor in this very school. The generations evolve, but traditions remain.

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