#232) “Please, Sir…!”

“Please, Sir, you know that I’m a good girl. You know I’ve never been caned. I fear the cane! Please don’t do this…!”

“Then you should know what happens to cheaters in my class, Rebecca. Remove your hands and bend over at the waist.”

“No, Sir, please! I’m begging you! I didn’t mean to look over at Deborah’s test paper, it was nervousness, it was an innocent mistake.”

“I’d planned to give you the standard ‘six of the best’ but if you continue this fuss, I’m warning you that it’ll be more serious…”

“Please, Sir, you could tell everyone that you gave me the sixer and I’d back you up and cry and look contrite…”

“You are going to receive a good caning, Rebecca, and you will almost assuredly cry your pretty eyes out, and I dare say, you will BE quite legitimately contrite when all is said and done! Now, for the last time, remove your hands, bend full over, grab your ankles, and tell me that you are ready to receive your sentence!”

“Please, Sir… Maybe you’d like to caress me…? I’m more well-developed than most girls my age…”

“That’s it! Prefect Margaret, please come in here! Rebecca is being obstinate to the point of obdurate. Please help me remove her hands and forcibly bend her over… There! Now hold her down. For your stubbornness, Rebecca, I am going to administer many more than just six stripes. Now stick that bottom out for it…”

“No! No, you shan’t!”

“My! She is a hellion, isn’t she Margie? In that case, help me fasten her wrists together and use this pulley to… that’s it! Now you are going to be sorry, Becky! Now you are quite exposed, fore and aft! And now I’m going to whip you in all the places you were rudely guarding with those hands…”

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