#233) There Is a Line to Draw; It’s a Tightrope

First and foremost, the sentiments in the photo above are meant as a joke! Please don’t get offended, anybody.
Next, please everybody, reflect with me on something. I write this blog for fun! I’m a sexpot and that comes through, but I never said that I was a professional submissive waiting in some club for people to come in off the street to paddle my ass one after another. (I knew a girl who did this for a living and will retell her stories sometime, but not now.) I am guilty of leading people on by saying sexy stuff, both in my posts and in my comments below them! But reflect, would you say the things you want to say in a comment to me in-person right in front of you? If not, please don’t post that comment on-line.
So, let’s all agree to draw a line of civility and to try to abide by that thin line. It may seem like a tightrope, and what I’m asking, for us all to maintain some balance, is too much. If that’s the case, I politely suggest that you start your own blog. Say what YOU want to say your way on your space, please. Let’s re-calibrate on here and return to a climate of pleasant and polite, fun-oriented and sexy repartee. The reason this has become important to me is that, as you may know, I’ve recently stuck my big toe back in the dating pool. The lack of common courtesy there, too, has appalled and amazed me!
Now, please everyone, don’t write me to ask if I’m talking to you specifically, or to apologize. That is NOT necessary; I’m saying these sentiments in this post BEFORE things go too far.
Let’s all just step back and think before we speak. Feel free to be sexy (I will), but don’t assume that you own me and can act accordingly. Thanks for reading this and reflecting with me!

7 responses to “#233) There Is a Line to Draw; It’s a Tightrope”

  1. I hear you. I get the occasional overzealous reader who thinks that because I have a D/s blog, I must be interested in sleeping with them or submitting to them. I am always polite in my first rebuttal, but if they continue, I mark the comments as spam so they no longer come through.

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  2. Richard Pryor…Classic way for an intro to your thoughts 🤙🏻 I see nothing wrong with what you wrote, I LOVE your sexy naughty sassiness (yours too naughty Nora)
    It’s a shame that people feel for whatever reason that they have to push a boundary and ruin a good thing, but for whatever reason they do. To get back to it though, love your blog, love the sexy naughty little minx of a spanking gal that you are and have enjoyed our back and forth banter young lady…BTW, don’t confuse the dating pool with the gene pool 😉

    Cheers to you naughty girl

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