#235) Truly Yours

Mary had been so afraid when she was accepted to the University of Michigan, and Joseph had been accepted to Ohio State, but it all seemed to be working out wonderfully. She knew that maintaining a long distance relationship was challenging, but she wrote to Joe once a week, so that they’d keep growing together, not apart. She actually wrote hand-written letters, taking the time to express her thoughts and feelings fully. She was old-fashioned that way, though of course she used email and twitter in life. And Joe had pleased Mary by writing back about once a month. Between that and an occasional phone call, Mary felt secure in what they shared.
In her letters, Mary had opened herself up completely, telling Joe that she respected him all the more for having waited for sex throughout high school, just letting him touch her sex with his fingers, nothing more. But she said in her last letter that she thought they were ready, that she wanted “to do it all” with him on his next visit to Ann Arbor. Mary signed her weekly missives with the closing “Truly Yours” and she meant it sincerely. She felt she was his, and wanted to give herself to him, heart, body, and soul.
In order to be ready “to do it all” with Joseph, Mary had checked into watching some porn with a sorority sister (for moral support). Claire was eager to direct her to what porn to watch, advising Mary from personal experience that men these days learned about sex from watching pornography.
“So this is a cum shot,” Claire commented, as Mary watched the DVD with mouth open in shock. “The guy will want to pull out from wherever he’s put it and watch himself ejaculate by cumming in your face. If you don’t want him to, or don’t want it in your hair, for instance, you’ve got to tell him that in advance.”
“Ooo-Kaay…” Mary responded tentatively. “That girl just got it shot into her eye and she’s blinking a lot. Does cum sting the eyes?”
“I really don’t know for sure,” Claire answered. “My guy, Jack, has pretty good aim and has only shot it in my open mouth, and some down my chin…” They watched for a while in silence. “Now he’s titty-fucking her. See how she’s pressed her boobs around his cock… And that’s the usual result, cum up the nostrils…”
Mary didn’t think she had to worry much about that one. She had very small breasts and Joe knew it. He said it didn’t matter, that he was “an ass man.” As if on cue, the male actor proceeded to insert his erection up the female actress’s butt.
“You’ll want to use lots of lubricant if Joe wants to do this with you. Just ask him to take it slow and try to relax as much as possible,” Claire advised. “I’ve only done anal twice, with two different guys. My first was more hung, and it really hurt. Jack isn’t as big, and it only hurt a little bit. Guys really like to fuck their girls in the ass, it seems to me. I bet if we made as big a deal out of pegging them, they wouldn’t be so rabid for it…”
“Pegging…?” Mary asked.
“Using a strap-on to fuck them up their ass holes,” Claire said matter-of-factly. Mary nodded, afraid to say anything. “And just like with fingers, don’t let a guy fuck you first in the ass, and then want to go directly into your pussy. Infections can come from the bacteria up your butt.”
“But, just like with fingers, the other way around, vag first and anal second is okay, right?” Mary asked, proud to know a little.
“Exactly,” Claire said, her eyes on the screen. “Now he’s licking her ass hole. I really get off on this. The first time Jack did it to me blew my mind,” Claire said. Mary watched as her sorority sister seemed transfixed by what was being portrayed, watched as Claire’s right hand seemed drawn to the girl’s pussy, seemed to have a mind of its own, as her fingers started twirling and rubbing.
“I think I’ll go…” Mary announced.
“Okay,” Claire mumbled, lost in what she was seeing and experiencing.
Joseph arrived on a Friday night. Mary greeted him in the parking lot of her apartment building, but once behind the closed door to her apartment, was immediately attired as in the above photograph, meaning as naked as the day she was born. She looked up at him adoringly from the bed as he began to disrobe.
“I want to do whatever you want to do… I want to be yours, completely…” she intimated. She saw that Joe’s manhood was shriveled up. She took it in both her hands, stroked it lovingly, kissed it, then took it in her mouth. Mary had practiced by sucking on one of her vibrators. She couldn’t deep throat it, but she could take most of it into her warm and stimulating mouth. Soon he was rampant. “You taste so good!” she smiled, wondering if he could tell that she was lying. “Where do you want to cum… first? In my face, my mouth, on my titties, or…”
“Are you still a virgin?” he stammered.
“You know I am! In both places, down there…”
This answer seemed to boggle his mind, but Joe absorbed the information and replied, “I want to fuck your pussy… first…”
“Have a condom handy?” Mary retorted. She had a box of them, just in case.
Uh, yeah…” and he reached into his jeans pocket and got one out, unwrapped it, wrapped up his manhood, and laid down next to Mary.
She kissed him. She wanted it in the missionary position, at least at first, when he took her cherry. She wanted to be able to look into his eyes. She snuggled close to him, helped him insert it into her.
“Ready?” he whispered.
Mary nodded.
Joe thrust.
“Ugh!” Mary moaned, then smiled and accepted his length into her. She was femininity incarnate, warm, enveloping, loving. She resisted the urge to proclaim her love for him, just smiled and looked deeply into his eyes and cocked her hips back and forth and got increasingly hotter and tighter.
“I think I’m gonna cum!” she said with urgency.
“I want you to!” he returned.
“I want to, too!” and she gripped him and bucked, and froze and spent a copious amount of ejaculate on the sheets.
“You’re a squirter!” he announced.
“I guess I am…” she returned, sounding dazed. “Is that okay?”
“It’s sexy as fuck!” he proclaimed, and they fucked on, and she came more, feeling so elated, so fulfilled, so wholesome while feeling as dirty as could be.
I’m a fornicator, a breeder, she thought to herself. “Fuck me!” she said loudly.
They did, feeding off each other’s ever spiraling energy, getting hotter and faster and all the more intense with their synchronized coupling. And she froze again, looking like caught in an agonizing act until serenity passed over her features, and she felt him spurt into the condom, into her core, and they kissed once more, and panted, and laughed, and then were silent.
“We do that well together!” she exclaimed. He smiled in agreement. He pulled out, took the condom off. “Smell that? Your smell and my smell mixed together. I love that scent! I so look forward to the day when you can cum inside me, when we can funk up the room with our signature smells mixed all together instead of just two separate ones comingling in the air!” Then Mary realized that she was getting ahead of things and withdrew into silence.
Joe recovered quickly to say, “Fucking you is a joy!” and they giggled in unison, as he knotted the condom and threw it away.
They laid together, side by side, breathing together and smiling together and radiating incredible heat. And then his manhood stirred in her hand.
“Do you wanna do it again?” she eagerly inquired.
“As soon as I’m hard…” he replied.
“Wanna do me in doggy position?” she countered, wriggling her butt invitingly. And he was hard once more, slipping into a new condom, pressing his erection against her slit, sliding in effortlessly. Making Mary moan right away. “God, I feel it against my clit more intensely in this position! Fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he steered her over to the wet spot on the bed, and she ejaculated once more, feeling a momentary pang of guilt until the elation of fucking supplanted that with joy, and they made “the beast with two backs” with the best of fuckers everywhere. Because she wasn’t looking Joseph in the eye, Mary felt emboldened to share. “Want to know a secret?” She could feel him nod. “I haven’t told this to a soul, but… I was never spanked as a child. But I thought about it a lot. Well, constantly. It turned me on to fantasize about getting spanked… I wondered if…” And before she could completely articulate her thoughts, Joe slapped her on the butt. Hard. Not a round-house right that threatens to knock one into the middle of next week, but not soft and wimpy, either. A solid spank that informed Mary that her fantasies were just as potent in reality. So, unbidden, Joe continued to spank Mary’s bottom with each thrust. And Mary continued to climax vociferously and satisfyingly. They fucked like that for about ten minutes straight. Or, not exactly straight, rather kinky, actually, but, you understand… He’d rocked her world; it was time for her to reciprocate. “Wanna fuck me up my butt now?” Joe began to withdraw eagerly. “Whoa! Take it slow there! I’m gonna need for you to finger a lot of lube up my butt hole. Does that gross you out?”
“Not at all,” he replied.
“Good answer! Here’s a tube of really slick lube. Use a lot of it. I mean, use a ridiculous amount of it, all over my ass hole, deep inside…” Mary climaxed just from the preparations, as things got progressively kinkier. Just as Joe was pulling out of her pussy, she added one more thing. “You’re my lover, we’re exclusive… Why don’t you raw dog me up my ass, please?”
He pulled out, and pulled off the rubber, tossing it toward her trashcan. Then he pressed his cock head to her backdoor.
“That’s it, nice and slow, big boy!” she breathed. It felt like it would never fit, and then, it did. Almost imperceptibly, it started to inch into her crawl space. Mary opened her mouth in awe of the intense feelings that filled her. First, the thought overtook her, I am such a disgusting slut, taking his cock up my butt hole! This thought receded and she enjoyed the experience for a moment. Next, she thought, Oh, fuck, he’s going to rip me in half right up my butt crack! This thought also slowly disappeared as Mary enjoyed getting plowed in her back forty. Then she thought, Please, just put it in, but don’t try to thrust! I am so full of cock! I am filled to the brim with cock. I am getting fucked up my butt! Fuck, I’m about to cum from getting fucked up my butt! Oh, god! And the thoughts became words, “Oh Fuck! Oh, Fuck! Fuck my nasty butt!”
When Joe thought that she’d had enough orgasms, and he couldn’t forestall his own any longer, he began thrusting with abandon. Mary was screaming with euphoria, she gripped his manhood so tight, so hot, her bum hole stretched so big around him, as he started to spurt, long hot jets of cum into her, as she released jet after jet of viscous liquid herself. He pulled out with an audible “pop” and hot dogged her, squirting the rest of his massive load up her spine and into her hair.
He rolled off her, but she just laid in the same spot, breathing heavily, but otherwise unmoving.
“Are you okay?” he solicited.
“Okay? I’m fucking fantastic! I feel like a porno princess!” she laughed, feeling the sticky wads in her tresses.
That was all on Friday evening; things got kinkier from there. How could things get any kinkier, you ask? Simple, Mary became all the more trusting, therefore all the more experimental. They’d awoke mid-morning Saturday and fucked in missionary. Took a shower together and fucked from behind. Went out to eat breakfast, came back to the apartment and fucked up her ass. Now Mary sat naked on Joe’s naked lap, and she tried to put something important into words.
“It seems kinda innocent, when we’re making love, for you to reach out and spank me… It seems safe in that context… But spanking has always occupied a big place in my psyche, it’s what I ALWAYS fantasize about to get turned-on… I want you to spank me for foreplay, Joe. I want you to put me over your knee and hold me there and spank my butt hard. I don’t want you to stop until I say a safeword.”
Joe took all this in without argument. “What’s our safeword?”
“Something that won’t come up by accident. Something random, say… aardvark.”
He nodded. She found that she couldn’t look him in the eye. Mary fairly dove over Joe’s lap, was happy that her features were buried beneath her long hair. She thrust her cute ass up toward her lover. He accepted the challenge for what it was. Joe spanked Mary with his bared hand on her bared bottom. When his right hand became sore, he effortlessly switched to his left and kept right on spanking. When his left hurt too much to easily continue, Joe picked up Mary’s hairbrush from the bedside table, and really paddled her.
Mary laid in a position that was foreign to her, but felt like home, nonetheless. Each spank hurt, burning her tender tushy flesh with a seemingly unquenchable fire, but it ignited a flame inside her simultaneously. This flame burned in her soul, but also in Mary’s sex. As much as they stung her backside, they satisfied her sexual need. She felt herself get wetter and wetter. When Joe improvised and started in with the hairbrush, something snapped inside Mary. She convulsed in a mighty climax. Without touching her sex in any way, without rubbing her clit or even just scissoring her thighs tightly together, Mary experienced orgasm after orgasm.
Unintelligible outbursts, guttural groans slowly transformed, like Frankenstein using language for the first time, “Uuurgh! Ummmph! Arrd! Aardvark, aardvark, fuck, aardvark!”
She spun around on Joe’s lap, sat up, kissed him passionately on the mouth, holding his face in her hands, then impaled herself on his rampant erection and began bouncing on it like a merry-go-round horse on its pole at accelerated speed.
It was the best sex of her young life until Joe interrupted. “I’m not wearing a condom!”
“Oh fuck! Where is one?” and she dismounted and they both searched, up until it took too long, and she was so incendiary, she couldn’t wait a second longer. She pushed him back down on the bed, turned, and sat on his lap again, this time impaling her anus on his pole. There was just enough lube up her tooter from their previous romp there to grease the way. She rode him hard, like a lady equestrienne posting at the trot, urging her mount onward with her legs and ass. It was like she had already been spanked for being her nasty, true self. Now she could unleash the demonically possessed beast within her without fear of consequence. She ground her well-spanked ass into him, gripping him with her sphincter and gluteal muscles, and willed the cum to geyser out of him. It did, the only balm that seemed to be able to calm her inner savage beast, as well as soothe her very abused buttocks and rosebud.
In the silence that followed this escapade, Mary had to confront that she was a spanko, a person who fetishizes being spanked, needs it for sexual gratification. She tried to couch it in inoffensive words.
“You spanked me just like I like it. That was incredible for me! Was it good for you, too, Joe?”
“I guess so, yeah,” Joe answered, but without her same enthusiasm.
Then the next day, Sunday, he saw the bruises on her bottom that the paddling had inflicted. They made love in the missionary position, Joe afraid to even touch her backside, afraid that he’d hurt her all the more. It was sweet sex, cuddly, fuzzy-warm intercourse, sex like lots of people have all the time. But compared with the white hot fireworks that had exploded in this same bed after he’d spanked Mary, it was lifeless, bland, vanilla to her…
She wrote him a letter in longhand Sunday evening, while he was still driving back to Ohio, her tears smudging the ink in places on the pages. She signed it as she felt, with Truly Yours for a closing. When Joe wrote back, he said that he’d met someone else, a girl named Tiffany, that he thought it was serious, that he wouldn’t be writing anymore.
Mary absorbed this hurt. The bruises on her bottom slowly faded, but this first wound in love never entirely disappeared from her heart. It took her a long time to trust again, to look as this picture captures her, with a trusting and open soul. Fortunately, she didn’t let it affect her psyche; she stayed an earnest and avid spanko from that day to this.

7 responses to “#235) Truly Yours”

    • I should comment on the reams ( I know, I know, too easy) of sweet and salacious material you’ve churned out the last couple of days— however it’s the surprise appearance of the word “tooter” which which has my amused and slightly obsessive focus . It’s like something I might have read as a naughty young man alone and salivating over the Penthouse Forum letters section in a pilfered magazine. That word wouldn’t have begigged me so much back then as I’d have probably assumed that this was from a lexicon reserved for people in the know who did such things. People like you. I don’t know why it grabbed me so today, but it did. I must have needed your tooter without knowing it, JM.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I LOVE this comment so much; thank you, Violets! I LOVE words! I pride myself on being a wordsmith, hopefully a craftsperson, maybe someday I’ll transcend to word artist. I LOVE everything about the female derriere, including that flesh valve hiding within. I find farts funny! My tooter really is one! I find anal play to be the pinnacle of eroticism. I hope ALL of this comes through in my writing!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. It comes through in your wit, your imagination as well as the aforementioned moments of “ tooter” camp. Had I you draped across my lap, tucked under one forearm, firm hand gripping the side of creamy thigh, panties yanked to half-staff, breathless at being so summarily bared, I might say, with a straight face, “ Allright, Tooter, take your medicine!” The straight face wouldn’t last long but the stiff planed belaboring would, you can bet your peachy bottom dollar.
    I’ll leave with this, Tooter— don’t worry, I won’t make a habit of that sobriquet,
    The tutor who tooted the flute,
    Tried to tutor two tooters to toot.
    Said the two to the tutor,
    “ Is it better to toot, or to tutor two tooters to toot”.
    Stuff that one in in your sweet corncob and have a pull!
    Thanks for the words to go with the heart hammering spanking scenarios.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Dear Jean-Marie.
    I have appointments with my clients and customers all day today.
    With all of them I will now have this story in front of my eyes and ask myself, is she a Spanko.
    Thank you very much.

    Liked by 2 people

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