#237) The Sun and Me

I just finished a battery of skin cancer treatments that have consumed some of my free time and lots of my thought processes for the past several months. I’m SO glad to get that done!
I got too much sun as a kid growing-up. I used to love to read in the sun. I often went to the beach when I lived in Southern California. I even went to a bathing-suit optional beach, Black’s Beach, in La Jolla.
The dynamic at Black’s was fascinating. I went with a girlfriend to have safety in numbers. We would strip nude and sunbathe. Back then, I wanted an all-over tan (before I decided that tan-lines were sexiest), so could be seen laying-out like the above photo demonstrates, leaving nothing to the imagination. The unwritten rule there is that any clothing is permissible, just as long as your privates are exposed, to show that you’re not a prude. So you see lots of wide-brimmed hats and foot apparel from flip-flops to combat boots. I vividly remember how Japanese male tourists would approach me fully clothed and ask if they could take my picture! It was polite of them to ask first, but I never allowed this (to my knowledge). I also remember this gorgeous, statuesque woman approaching me to say that she thought I was the only women, besides herself, that she thought was more beautiful nude rather than clothed. I think that she was coming-on to me. I just blushed and thanked her and jumped in the ocean with my giggling friend, Susan, to get away from the attention.
I wish that I could still sunbathe! I wish I could visit Black’s Beach again and get naked outdoors! I want to pass along the warning that the sun is not our friend; protect yourself from its rays! Slather yourself and your loved ones up with sunblock of SPF 50.

This photo could’ve been taken at Black’s Beach; it has steep cliffs as a backdrop.

Wonderful advice, just wear that hat and sunblock!

LOVE her hat (among other things)!

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