#238) The Suntan Police

Building upon what I last posted about sun worshiping in post #237, I think it’s time that public pools and beaches get serious about preventative measures concerning sun exposure. Lifeguards should be instructed in recognizing individuals who are not wearing enough sunblock, or taking adequate precautions. The policy would be to try to issue a warning first, but during peak hours when it’s busiest, this might not always be possible. Offenders would be taken up the lifeguard stand, buttocks would be bared. A liberal amount of oil would be applied to said buttocks, and then a public spanking would be administered. As a school teacher with her summer free, I plan to sign-up for this specialized lifeguard duty.

5 responses to “#238) The Suntan Police”

  1. Bad idea. I’d risk a terrible burn from the time I got to the beach and deliberately do not apply sunscreen until the lifeguard notices my lack of protection! The words “public spanking” always make me blush and gush.

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    • Oh, Julie, thank you for starting my day off with the mental image of you purposefully having an appointment with the lifeguard every summer day at your community pool or beach (or both in the same day!)!


  2. Where do I send in my resume to apply for that position?
    Heck, they might even need a spanking trainer for the newly hired. Teaching them proper techniques with various implements of ass destruction would be a fun job as well.

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