#239) Tan Lines

What I am going to say next will seem like a contradiction, but it’s not.

I LOVE tan lines! I’m not a fan of thong bathing suits. Among the many things I like up my butt crack, a thin piece of material is not one of them. I like full seat bathing suit bottoms. Now, if you take my advice (and obey the suntan police), by applying a sunblock, you CAN build up a nice tan with repeated (not too lengthy) exposures. Submitted for your approval, photographic evidence of the sexiness of tan lines.

As you contemplate the creaminess of these ladies’ bottoms, now think about how attractive each set of cheeks would be if /when they are spanked crimson…

This is a former Playboy playmate. Her name is Lisa Welch (I did my research in their archives). As pretty as her face is, I believe they took this photo from the wrong perspective; it’d be much more mesmerizing if taken of her southern end facing north.

4 responses to “#239) Tan Lines”

  1. Alright, sister— you started my day with a Penthouse Letters memory spurred on by your creative use of “ tooter” and now the creamy glory of Tanlines. I feel like I’ve died and gone to the Library of Alexandria which was my brother’s 70s-80s dirty mag stash. Tanlines send my mind straight to jerking a naughty Hawaiian Tropic scented woman across, jerking her bikini bottoms to her knee hollows and, frankly, jerking…The flat of my palm pulses, my mind races with visions of kicked off sandals and the steady “crack-crack-crack” accompanied by astonished “O!”s. Oh, for a Muse of Fire indeed.

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  2. Another vote here for the ‘full-seat’ bikini bottom and the wonderfully erotic tan lines! Never was a big fan of the newer thong bikini’s even though I’m a life-long ‘ass’ man. Not much sexier than a snow white female derriere against a good Coppertone tan! The exception of course, being the ‘just-spanked’ version thereof.

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