#241) Do You Feel Lucky?

I don’t know if it’s proper to wish a “happy” Friday the 13th… But I am if it is! It reminds me of that speech Clint Eastwood made in the movie, “Dirty Harry.” (He’d make an excellent Top, BTW!) “Did I fire six shots or only five? Being that this is a .44 magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, you’ve got to ask yourself one question… Do I feel lucky? Well, do YOU, punk?”

What would constitute a “lucky day” for you?

3 responses to “#241) Do You Feel Lucky?”

    • Lucky you, Christian; enjoy this day! (Personally, I’ve had an unlucky experience on a Friday the 13th years ago, as well as some unhappy birthdays, so I prefer to sneak through both with my head down, trying not to raise superstitions.)

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