#242) Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary…

I found one more photo of the model I used in my story “Truly Yours” (post #235). She entrances me. I called her Mary there, and will here, too. She reminds me of a young Marilyn Monroe. Neither of them seem to think of themselves as a femme fatale, but society does. (What IS a sex symbol, anyway?) During puberty, Mary’s bosom and bottom seemed to balloon, and suddenly many men (and more than a few women) seemed to come on to her.

Mary’s parents send her to a private girls school, to try to keep her sane while the outside world was clamoring for photos of the poor girl, the more revealing, the better. Mary is struggling to define her own sexuality, no easy task in the best of circumstances. She violates the strict dress code by wearing the flimsy lingerie instead of the regulation uniform. Mary is sent to the headmistress of the school for this error. Mary secretly fantasizes about this headmistress, her imperiousness bordering on the haughty. Everything about her and this school seems to be strict and delineated and empirical , whereas everything about Mary is moist and soft and sexual. The headmistress, Ms. Jackson, informs Mary that she is going to spank her for her dress code violation. Mary fears this, not for the pain or humiliation, but for the fact that her body might betray that she craves these things, especially at the hand of Ms. Jackson. Mary lies, saying that she suffers from an upset tummy; her punishment should be postponed. Without missing a beat, Ms. Jackson pulls Mary across her lap and finishes baring her backside (the task Mary had started before coming up with her ruse). A rectal thermometer is produced, along with a jar of Vaseline. The former is gouged into the latter, and then inserted deep up the rectum of the squirming and barely-contained Mary.

“If that thermometer tells me that you are truly ill, your punishment will be forestalled. But if it informs us that you’re fibbing, I’m going to spank you all the harder and longer, young lady,” Ms. Jackson says to Mary’s buttocks. (The girl can’t bring herself to look her headmistress in the face.)

After two minutes of exquisite torture, Mary is proven to have been less than truthful. The greasy thermometer is placed on the floor in front of Mary’s nose before Mary is summarily punished, long and hard, as promised. As she feared, Mary becomes aroused by this, her sexual cream copiously coating the girl’s pudendum, as the Vaseline melts and coats the girl’s peach cleft. Both are targets for Ms. Jackson’s rude fingers, after the thorough spanking is concluded. It seems that no matter what she does or where she goes, Mary is seen as a sex object.

Do you see the resemblance between these two photos of fresh, dewy flowers?

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