#243) The Joke’s On Me

Digging around on the Internet, I’ve just found that the naive young model that I was so beguiled by, the one I’ve called Mary in two posts, is actually Olivia Claudia Motta Casta, an established model. She has an Only Fans page. (In case you don’t know about this, it’s a site where people can subscribe to see naked, graphic photos. I heard of it on Fetlife; I’ve never visited or posted on the site.) I could rant about how crazy the world is, with innocent looking models who are really quite worldly. But I’m a demure, seemingly straight-laced schoolteacher who is actually kinky as fuck!

4 responses to “#243) The Joke’s On Me”

  1. Knowing you’re a seemingly straight-laced , yet secretly very kinky schoolteacher is very sexy knowledge! I have kind of a thing for unexpectedly kinky women. The idea is a real turn on. 😁

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  2. Having worked in education and having run into many folks at munches and parties gave me a chuckle at how many of them are kinky.
    As for the straight laced aspect, well, brings to mind the demure Librarian

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  3. I hope that both of you naughty boys have a wonderful Friday the 13th because you’ve warmed the heart of me. Imagine me talking her horned-rimmed glasses (are there any other kind?) off, unzipping her pencil skirt so that my round bum bursts out. You notice that I’m going commando. I bend over my desk. You fashion the fantasy from there. (I’m trying to be good and walk “that line”, remember? Don’t tell me about it, but DO have fun!)

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