#244) A Fable My Way

I think I remember a fable from my childhood called, “The Princess and the Pea.” It was something about how a princess was discovered because she couldn’t get to sleep because a single, small green pea was placed beneath a whole stack of mattresses, and this distraction kept her from getting a good night’s sleep.
My simple retelling concerns a pea-sized nodule between my legs, at the apex of my pussy’s opening. Of course I’m talking about my clitoris. I’ve been waking up and unable to get back to sleep, unable to get a good night’s sleep. This has become routine and I’m becoming sleep deprived. My clit is erect and throbbing and in need of attention. It’s like I’m a horny male teen and I’ve got morning wood. My only recourse is to toss the covers back, spit on my fingertips for lubrication, and rub an orgasm out. It’s as though this habitual morning routine is priming my pump, getting my sexual juices flowing for the whole day ahead. It’s made me more prolific than usual. This is my fifth post today, there have been five or seven posts the last few days. The little story I composed for “Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary” REALLY got me off! (A dead give away is when I write short, terse sentences.) I don’t think I can keep this up; I don’t want my clit to get calloused!

I’ll confess a secret. When I’m jilling-off, I think about the hard-ons that my stories inspire… You give meaning to my sex life.

4 responses to “#244) A Fable My Way”

  1. I feel the same way about readers of my stories. Heck, sometimes when I’m fantasizing, I get hornier thinking of scenarios where my partner(s) are turned on by my writing. See Old Friends on my blog for an example.

    Sorry about your difficultly sleeping however. I do enjoy your take on the classic fable and your morning routine! I also appreciate your prolificness with regard to posting! Keep up the good work. 😊

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