#245) Colloquy – A British Couple

She comes into their boudoir after cleaning up from that evening’s dinner party. His demeanor can only be described as seething, indeed, she has never before seen him in such a state.
“I am as perturbed at you as I can be!” he states quietly.
“Whatever for?” she returns. Because he is clearly upset, she meets force with equal force, as if they were suddenly acting in a Noel Coward play.
“What you said, the way you carried on in front of our guests… particularly about me…”
“I was joking, as several of the women were about their mates. Quit being so thin-skinned!”
“We’ll see who is thin-skinned… I intend to punish you for your slights. Get your skirt off.”
“What? What do you intend to do?” she said shakily.
“Just do it, get that skirt off!”
“I intend to cane you,” he answered.
“You shan’t! I won’t stand for that! Get away from me!”
“I swear to you, Lilith, that if you make this difficult, I won’t be giving six of the best with this cane. I’ll whip the holy hell out of you. Now bend over the bed and get your skirt off this instant!”
She scrambled to obey, knowing that her husband would brook no disagreements when he was this agitated. No sooner was her skirt on the floor than Lilith realized another problem.
“These are very expensive undergarment, Harold, please don’t…”
“Then I suggest you get those knickers down, or I may whip them to shreds…”
Lilith obeyed this direction, as well, as quickly as she could.
“Please don’t be hard on me, dearest. I really didn’t mean anything by my good natured jibing…”
“So you finally agree that you did make me the butt of your barbs?”
“It was good natured!” she protested, but he cut her off with a vicious cut of the cane. Harold didn’t give Lilith much time to absorb the incredible pain. He brought down the cane again almost immediately, making her cry out, making her buttocks dance with contortions and her feet dance a little jig from the pain. It was so unlike Harold to be so brutish, so inarticulate and action-oriented! It made her head swim, it made her fanny wet and aroused.
He only stopped whipping her when her entire expanse of backside was covered with parallel lines of punishment.
“I suppose that will suffice… unless you give me more cause to correct you…”
Harold had always found Lilith gorgeous in his eyes. But she had never looked lovelier than when her porcelain white buttocks were completely covered with angry welts, and she was disheveled and sobbing. He hugged her to him from behind. His cock aligned with the deep crevice of her ass as she stood up to bathe in his masculine embrace. She didn’t want him to get any ideas about that course of action, so bent over at the waist once again, smiled back at Harold through her tears, and helped guide his erect stiffy into her sex. It was a raunchy and raw fuck, completely expressive for a couple that usually shared antiseptic and near-emotionless sex. Lilith completely lost herself in the revelry, experiencing intense multiple orgasms, becoming totally uninhibited, exhorting her husband to “fuck her like the whore she was,” messing up her usually flawless make-up and lipstick. But she couldn’t bring her lover off, no matter how exuberantly she tried.
“I am sincerely sorry for embarrassing you earlier. You have caned me thoroughly for it. What can I do to make it up to you? I want you to cum inside me, dear…”
His British reserve seemed more resolute than ever. He simply shook his head. She contemplated her options.
“What if you were to bugger me?” she whispered in his ear, while taking a painful pinch of buttock and giving Harold a good look at her much reserved orifice. New life infused Harold’s well-worn member, which sprang to rigid attention. It only got harder as he lubricated his spouse’s sphincter.
“Oh! Fuck my filthy arse!” she intimated as he rogered her.
Harold did, and as he did, he resolved to cane his wife more frequently, more strictly, and to break down her imperious walls so as to share this most intimate form of dirty frolicking in their future.
As if reading his lascivious mind, the normally composed Lilith chose this moment to cry out, “Yes, yes, do me! I’ve needed this so, I’ve needed you!”

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