#246) Colloquy – An American Couple

He comes up from behind her as they undress for bed. Suddenly his strong right hand is around her throat. He is not strangling her, but she realizes that he could be at any moment.
“I’m pissed off at you,” he whispers in her ear.
Normally, she loved his volubility. She never knew any man like him before, almost a Stanley Kowalski character. But when he was mad at her, as he clearly was, she feared what he might impulsively do. She rested her hand on top of his at her throat. He wasn’t squeezing, and she wasn’t prying him off, but anything seemed possible at this tense moment.
“What you said to your girlfriends… about us, about me…”
“We were all just joking around. I didn’t mean anything by it…”
“What did our therapist say? If one of us feels something, it is true for them. It didn’t sound like joking, and I’m not laughing…” He used both hands to throw her down on the bed. “Get your skirt up around your waist.”
She loved that he’d been paying attention in their therapy sessions, at least enough to quote their therapist now. At the same time, she was scared by his no-nonsense demeanor. And to be totally honest, it excited her simultaneously.
“What are you gonna do?”
“Spank you for being the bad little girl you just were.”
“No… don’t… please!”
“Begging won’t do you any good. Do as I say or suffer worse consequences…”
Lilly quickly pulled her skirt up, knowing better than to cross him. She silently cursed herself when she realized she was wearing a thong today, affording her bottom no protection whatsoever. Suddenly he was sitting next to where she sprawled across the edge of their bed. She didn’t even see the first swat coming, just felt it electrify her tender tushy and then heard its thunderclap. It truly felt like she’d been struck by lightening instead of her husband’s hand. Then pandemonium rained down on her, spanks coming fast and furious, making her fanny flesh jump, making her voice yelp, making her very sorry for her insensitivity, making her entire backside so sensitive. But because it was him, so masculine and animalistic, the spanking made Lilly’s sex wet and engorged, too.
Harry didn’t stop spanking when Lilly begged him to, or even when he was winded and near exhausted from slapping her backside. He only ceased punishing Lilly when her butt was sufficiently tomato red and sizzling to the touch.
“I guess that’ll be enough… at least for now…” he said with finality, then laid down next to his bride and took her in his arms.
Lilly had been crying from the surprise and the pain and the indignation of being treated like a naughty little girl, but when he signaled that he was done, she really started to cry. She nestled into him, hugged him close, enjoyed his reassuring hand rubbing her sore seat, and had a good, cleansing cry. While they were cuddling, with her pussy so fragrant and hungry, and his cock suddenly so erect and eager, it only seemed natural to segue to love-making. Harry pulled the sopping wet thong off Lilly’s pussy to the side. He slipped into her, made love with her slowly and tenderly, looking into one another’s eyes. It was a very satisfying sexual exchange, made more so because they most often just fucked, a utilitarian exchange of body fluids. Lilly climaxed over and over, as intensely as she ever had, but she noted that her partner did not.
“I want you to cum with me, lover,” she pleaded. “Am I forgiven? Is everything okay…?”
Harry kissed her reassuringly. “We’re good, I love you, I just…” he couldn’t put it into words, but something was holding him back.
Lilly had an idea. “How about you fuck me up my butt, lover? I love you! I want to please you…”
He liked the idea, eagerly anointed her rosebud, and entered her there.
“Ummm! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me where it’s nasty, where I shit!” she enthused.
Harry did, and as he did, he resolved to spank his wife more frequently, more energetically, and to share this most intimate form of love-making in their future.
As if reading his mind, Lilly chose this moment to cry out, “Yes, yes, do me! I’ve needed this, lover! I need you!”

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