#247) Sandwich Thoughts

I have lots of them!

First, its origin; they say the sandwich was created by a royal so that he could continue playing billiards without having to stop to eat. As a girl who LOVES to eat in bed while having sex, this appeals to me. Thanks, Earl!

Next, I LOVE peanut butter; thank you George Washington Carver! As a professional model in L.A., I would sometimes earn a huge paycheck and then not get another for months. I had to live on a budget, and peanut butter was a staple in my diet. It STILL is.

And I pair it with jelly in a sandwich each weekday for my school lunch. So the above photo appealed to me. Put the two halves together and the hand is smacking her buttocks! The buttery butt would be reddened by the jelly hand. It’s as creative as it is delicious, both sexy and nutritious (just like eating with one ravenous, watering orifice while getting fed cock in another ravenous, wet orifice).

My mind then went to BEING sandwiched. I thought about being between two men, one taking me vaginally, and the other, lucky devil up my butt. But this mental image was besmirched by the thought of two male egos (especially Dominants) wanting to top each other as they Topped me. One-upmanship might get out of control quickly. This doesn’t seem as likely if between two women, each wearing a strap-on. Umm, that’s more like it; let me be the creamy center between them!

2 responses to “#247) Sandwich Thoughts”

  1. I was a third to a couple many years ago and I had the lovely experience of being in the middle and being sandwiched.
    It was such an amazing feeling that I can’t even put into words. That is a very fond memory that I think back on often. Such a feeling of peace and warmth being wrapped up like that.

    As one who is also fond of BP&J, one of my go to’s is a triple decker PB&Jon lightly toasted bread.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend Jean Marie

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