#248) Last Thoughts on Olivia

Who would I like to be sandwiched between, who would be one of my covers?

Right now, I’m fixated with fantasies about Olivia Casta.

But unless I find more sexually suggestive photos of this popular model (which is a possibility), this will be my last posting featuring her image.

One response to “#248) Last Thoughts on Olivia”

  1. I have spoken of an innate cruel streak within me; Olivia brings it out. The expression on her face brings it out, as if she didn’t know what her beauty does to those around her. I’d like to slap her across the face, repeatedly. Look at her bounteous breasts. I’d like to command her to hold them out and I’d like to spank them, repeatedly. I’d like to suck each inverted nipple until they sprang to life, then put a punishing clamp on each, pull and twist and torture them. And then, and only then, would I turn her across my knee to spank her bottom mercilessly.

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