#249) What’s Happening Here?

I’m told that KD Pierre has stopped (or been stopped) blogging. He commented here on occasion and I enjoyed his thought-provoking insights on his Collected Submissions site. Consensual Spanking and Someonesgonnagetit have also ceased to exist. Some “spanking” blogs focus only on cooking recipes or gardening or…

I don’t know how long this Butt Stuff site will exist. I do know that I am still thrilled by the idea of a man or a woman sensually spanking me, the idea of either spanking me without my consent, doing ALL kinds of nasty things with that partner after the inspiration of a spanking. I am busier than ever, but writing more than ever before, too. I am as feverish about it as a freshly spanked butt, as sexually charged as a randy teenager, as kinky as a cheap garden hose! I am not bragging (I don’t like to tempt fate), just acknowledging facts. I humbly hope for continued corrupt inspirations.

8 responses to “#249) What’s Happening Here?”

  1. Your signage made me think of two things:
    “ In the room the women come and go, talking of Michaelangelo”.
    And rubbing dusky-rose bottoms beneath simple linen shifts as they wander barefoot across cool marble with a view of the ocean.
    And a house on Upper Tudor Lane.
    Keep blogging, JM.


  2. The Socratic dialogue of a Renaissance man’s hand spanking a human goddess’ buttocks, call,and response, spank and moan, slap and tickle, swat and sigh. I intend to, Violets.


  3. The crack of Dimaggio’s palm
    Not his bat, where Norma Jean sat,
    On her peach, whose praises you’ve preached, to this choir of believers;
    Assembled, the givers, receivers of
    Sacraments blushing.
    We’re gushing, we’re rising, your words tantalizing,
    Spears of gold
    Down below , Down where Orpheus went
    For his love,
    For his heart
    Which was rent,
    His rapid descent
    He went barrelin’
    Ceased his Carolin’,
    Howling not for a Ginsberg but a red-bottomed Marilyn.

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  4. Writing or blogging is something that waxes and wanes due to many factors. As long as you blog for “you” and not strictly for your audience, then writing can remain fun and free-flowing. When you start to feel pressured to perform and to be productive, then it can become problematic. Been blogging for 16 years and have taken many breaks, some short and some for years.

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