#250) Spring Break

Judy came home from college for Spring Break. She dumped her huge mountains of dirty laundry in the laundry room for her mom to do, and went outside to read in the sunshine.
The weather was abnormally warm for May. First, Judy undid her bikini top string, so as to get uniformly tan on her back. A half an hour later, she slipped the small top off completely. She had tiny titties, nothing much to see, and there was a privacy fence surrounding her parents’ backyard. It felt so good with her boobies out, but she judiciously put extra sunblock on her pink nipples. Then she put the book she was trying to read off to the side. Her mind gravitated to how sexy she felt. Her thong bikini bottom didn’t cover that much. She shimmied them down and off, and rubbed more Banana Boat lotion on her privates. Judy laid face-down on her towel on the lawn, giggling to herself the mantra, “sun’s out, buns out!” Her mind wandered to the guys at school. James really seemed to like her, and he was okay. Judy really liked Franco, and she hoped to lure him away from that skank, Michelle… Her oily hand crept back underneath her hip, raked through her pubic hair, parted her labia, circled her erect and sweaty clit…
“Judith Marie, what the hell do you think you’re doing?” he mother’s shrill voice cut into her consciousness. Judy turned over to see her mom leaning out of an upstairs window.
“Sunbathing,” Judy replied with an attitude.
“In the nude!” her mother stage-whispered with vehemence. “Get your suit back on and get your sorry butt inside this house this instant. You’re grounded!”
What a bitch! Judy thought to herself, but slowly obeyed. As Judy entered her house through the garage, her mother met her in the laundry room.
“What were you thinking? Were you thinking?” her mother demanded.
“You have a privacy fence. It’s not like my bathing suit covers that much anyway…”
“Mrs. McGinty can see you from her upstairs window, and did, and phoned me with her displeasure!”
“What a bitch,” Judy mumbled under her breath, but not softly enough.
“What did you say?” It was at this moment that Judy’s mom caught sight of all the dirty laundry piled everywhere. “And what’s all this?”
“You’re doing laundry anyway…” Judy retorted.
“No, you’re doing all this laundry, yours and ours! You’re grounded anyway and need something to keep you out of trouble!”
“Mom, I have to study!”
“You weren’t studying in the backyard! It looked to me like you were humping your hand…”
“Fuck, Mom, what’s your problem?”
For whatever reason, this expletive seemed like too much. Trish caught her daughter by the wrist and pushed her over the edge of the washing machine. Trish started spanking Judy’s well-oiled buttocks, totally unprotected by the tiny thong bikini.
“Fuck, Mom, cut it out!”
“You’ve got this coming!”
“I’m too old to be spanked!”
“We’ll see about that…” And Trish really laid into her eighteen year old toddler. Leaning against her daughter to pin her in place, spanking her already warm tushy with all her might, with all the anger that had been building in the parent. Trish was nearly blind with indignation, all the attitude, the backtalk, the crazy stunts like this sunbathing stint, that damned nose-ring piercing and ankle tattoo, the fact that Judy wasn’t her little girl anymore, the fears the mother harbored for her innocent, sometimes foolish daughter. She spanked Judy’s cute eighteen year old bottom thoroughly, far passed the time when the flesh was deep red and hot, when Judy’s pleas and rants had turned to tears and then sobs.
Trish stood back and admired her handiwork blazing across her daughter butt. Her efforts had exhausted her, but exhilarated her, too.
“Get started on the first load of laundry, then go to your room. Remember to come down every half hour to keep up with the machine’s cycles. Don’t think that this is over. Just wait until your father gets home…”
Fuck! Judy thought, but wisely didn’t say aloud. She sorted the mounds of clothes and put a load of cold water colors in the washer, her bottom throbbing throughout. She went upstairs to her room and slammed the door. She threw herself down on her bed to have a good cry, but her butt just hurt too fucking much. She got up and looked at it over her shoulder in the full-length mirror.
Fuck! she thought, it’s so fucking red! It’s gonna be bruised! She wouldn’t be able to wear any of her bathing suits without displaying the fact that she’d just been punished like a baby! What would James and Franco say if and when they saw it? Fuck!
She got out a big pump bottle of skin lotion, laid down on her tummy on her bed, and massaged copious amounts of the cooling cream into her abused ass. One thing led to another, and soon lotion-slick fingers were manipulating wet folds and tight orifices. God! If she didn’t know any better, Judy would’ve sworn that the spanking had ignited something in her that made jilling-off so much more intense. She came and came again.
The bedroom door slammed open without any preliminary knock or warning and Judy’s mom burst in. “The first load of laundry was been ready for the drier for over… What are you doing?”
“Nothing, just resting! That spanking really hurt!”
Trish seized Judy’s sticky right hand, saw the evidence all over her fingers. Without another word, the mother seized her daughter’s hairbrush from off the bedside table and started in on her child’s backside armed with the implement to make a more vivid impression on the errant, undisciplined, promiscuous girl.
“Don’t! Mom, please! I’m already so sore…!”
These words didn’t dissuade Trish in the least.
“You seem to think you have nothing better to do that lie in bed or in the backyard as naked as the day you were born and masturbate all day…” Trish accused, punctuating each word with a wicked swat from the back of the large wooden brush to the shapely, soft backside of her daughter.
“And you’ve got nothing better to do than invade my privacy every half an hour to torture me with child abuse!” Judy countered, her voice dripping with cynicism.
“It’s called learning a lesson, something you’re not too good at, judging by what I’ve seen of your study habits! In my day, spankings were insurance that a child not get too big for your britches, and I hope it’s not too late for you to benefit from it!” After punctuating this statement with methodical swats, she added a series of spanks at drive her point home. “Now, put some clothes on, and then get downstairs and do the next load of laundry, and then watch the clock better, or I will be back here in half an hour to give you another dose with this brush!”
Judy spent the entire afternoon doing loads of laundry, then folding the finished product, alternating with nursing her wounded bottom with applications of soothing skin lotion. She hoped that this effort toward good behavior would mean something to her jailers, her parents. Hearing her dad’s car in the driveway, every little hair on Judy’s young body stood on end. She just kept folding warm clothes as she heard her dad come in the house and get into an animated discussion with her mom.
“So it sounds to me like you’ve already spanked her good and hard. Why does she need a lesson from me with the belt?” she overheard her dad, God bless him.
“Because she’s so headstrong! I can’t believe that you’re not upset about her being nude in the backyard! And what about that nose ring and tattoo?”
“She’s just young and stupid, just like we were…”
“I told Judy that she should expect another session of punishment from you, Jerry!”
“Well, you shouldn’t have spoken for me…” her wonderful dad said, warming Judy’s heart almost as much as her mom had warmed her bottom.
“Mom, the laundry’s all done!” Judy interjected, sounding diligent and looking overworked, with an armload of folded clothes to put away upstairs. “Oh hi, Dad, welcome home!”
“I understand that there was a problem this afternoon…” her dad said sagely.
Judy looked as though butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth and cocoa butter wouldn’t melt if rubbed into her still sizzling butt when she answered, “Not a problem, really… I made the foolish choice of sunbathing in the nude in the backyard. Mom punished me for it very thoroughly. I apologized, and really am sorry… Lesson learned.”
Judy’s dad looked on proudly, then looked at his wife. Trish looked nonplussed at the unbelievable change in her daughter’s demeanor. In fact, she didn’t believe it! If it were up to her, Trish would’ve spanked Judy some more for being falsely contrite, but couldn’t prove it.
“I think it sounds like that old book title, “My Mother, My Self,” with a generational divide between two opinionated women, that’s all…” Jerry said with finality.
“This isn’t over,” Trish added. The doorbell rang and Trish opened the door.
“Hello, are you Mrs. Johnson?” a voice familiar to Judy asked.
“Yes,” Trish answered.
“Franco!” Judy exclaimed, “What are you doing here?” she smiled, stepping in front of her mother at the door.
“I Googled you, wanted to see where you lived, thought I’d drop by on my way from school to my home in Peoria… I hoped you might be free to go out to catch something to eat before I head on my way…”
“Show some manners and invite him in,” Trish interrupted.
“He doesn’t need to come in if I’m leaving right away to go to dinner…” Judy argued.
“You’re not going. You’re grounded, remember?” Trish said with glee.
“Mom, haven’t I been punished enough?”
“Invite him in to sit down for a moment. I want to meet him,” Jerry said.
Judy held the screen-door open for Franco to come into the chaos of her family life.
Jerry introduced himself to Franco and shook his hand as Trish interjected, “No, a paddling does not suffice for your offense!” Then she said directly to Franco, “I had to paddle her butt earlier. She’s grounded.”
Judy’s facial cheeks blushed deeper red than her still-smarting gluteal cheeks beneath her sweatpants. Franco looked intrigued. Jerry looked impressed with the fine young man before him. Trish smiled vengefully, saying to everyone, “Now she’s truly sorry, but not before!”
“Sit down, young man. What’s your major at school?”
“Don’t you want to sit on the couch next to your boyfriend?” Trish asked her daughter, knowing well the state of Judy’s buttocks.
“Business,” Franco replied to Jerry.
“No!” Judy snapped at her mother. “Can’t I go out with him, Dad?”
Jerry looked from his daughter to his wife. He didn’t know what to say.
“She’s grounded,” Trish said to everyone. “If she wants that penalty taken away, maybe she ought to feel her father’s belt as a consequence…”
Judy flushed. “Franco, could you please wait in your car for just a moment while we discuss this?” He politely stood up, her Dad followed suit.
“Nice to meet you,” Jerry said to Franco.
“It’ll just take a moment,” Judy said to Franco.
“Not if I get my way!” Trish said to everyone.
Franco walked out of the house and Judy closed the door.
“Mother! I can’t believe you! Embarrassing me purposely in front of him!”
“Hear the difference in her voice, Jerry?” Trish asked her husband. “Now she’s contrite! She was acting before!”
“I’m not so sure…” Jerry waffled.
“Will a set with the belt satisfy you that I’ve paid a heavy enough price?” Judy fairly screamed at her mom.
“If I give them to you, your father would be too lenient.”
“How many strokes?” Judy asked, tears already brimming in her pretty hazel eyes.
“Thirty!” Trish called out.
“My butt is already destroyed!” Judy wailed, pulling her sweatpants waistband down to give her parents a look at her poor posterior.
“She is nineteen…” her dad offered as a compromise.
“Fine!” and the co-ed pulled her pants down a little further and bent over.
“Fine…” Trish said, taking the belt that Jerry had removed and doubling it in her hand.
Her father looked sympathetic as he stared at his daughter’s bruised cheeks. Trish looked mad and determined as she measured the belt in her hand and took aim at the already red target. Judy looked back at both of them through the gap between her thighs, but then caught a glimpse of something that made her already knotted tummy lurch. Franco was looking through a window, afforded the same view her parents had of her tush, just a bit further away.
The belt whistled through the air and landed with a loud “Crack!”
Judy yelped, whimpered, regained control, called out, “One,” and closed her eyes to block out what was happening. Trish’s heart wasn’t softened in the least as she administered the belt. She thought to herself, This is for the defiance, this is for the backtalk, this is for that nose ring, this is for that tattoo… For her the nineteen strokes seemed to fly by.
Fuck! Judy thought, as if getting a belt whipping wasn’t bad enough, on an already tender tush, in front of her milquetoast father, from her bitch of a mother! But to have dreamboat Franco spying on it all through a window…! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! God, that belt burned! It took an eternity to get to nineteen.
“Nineteen!” she called out, rubbed her buttocks as much as the pain would allow, and pulled her sweatpants back up. “Are we square, then?”
“I suppose,” her mom muttered. “Yes, dear,” her dad consoled simultaneously.
Judy grabbed her purse and ran out the front door.
“I wish you’d put on underwear!” her mother called after her.
“It hurts too much, damn it!” Judy answered.
“Even a bra…” Trish added.
“Don’t be too late, but have fun…” Jerry called out.
Franco was back in the front seat of his car by the time Judy got to it.
“Get a good look?” she spat accusingly to the handsome young man. Only when these words were out of her mouth did it register how much it hurt to sit her inflamed bottom on that hot car seat. “OW, Fuck!” she said in response.
“At first I was curious… then empathetic…” Franco told her.
She looked at him, her anger and embarrassment melting a bit, then saw something that dumbfounded her.
“You’re hard…?!”
He looked down at the erection tenting his trousers. “Only because your butt is so gorgeous…”
“Pull around the block, there’s a park there,” Judy instructed.
Franco shifted gears manually. Judy reached out and gripped his stiff knob through his pants. She was shifting, too, shifting Franco’s libido into high gear.
“I don’t know why, but getting my bare butt whipped turned me on, too…” she confided. He put the car in park. She pulled her sweatpants down and mounted his shaft, grinding his gears, riding him hard but smoothly, revving his engine.
Franco reached out and massaged her cheeks with both hands.
“Fuck, that hurts!” she gasped. “Do it more!”
He obeyed orders well, then pulled her top up to bite on her nipples. She was close to orgasm.
“Will I have to take a butt whipping just to turn you on in the future?” she growled.
“It did turn me on,” he answered truthfully.
“Then you have my permission to give me one anytime you think I need it… I am headstrong, like my mom… I need someone who will keep me in line…”
And the young, attractive couple shared a simultaneous orgasm for their first tryst, in a parked car, in the park, on Spring Break.

4 responses to “#250) Spring Break”

  1. The week starts so beautifully with your stories. I sit hard as steel, with heart palpitations in my office and must now call my little Pia and ask her to provide relief. Thank you Jean-Marie.

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  2. My little, Pia, is my co-worker and lover in my office.
    With my wife, I am not allowed to fuck for 22 years. For this, she has your friends.
    But I can let Pia fuck me. Mostly with a strap-on. Pia is also so sweet and beats me sometimes.

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