#259) That Thing We Do

It taps into the deep reservoir of guilt I carry, feeds my need for humiliation.
Still, it should be fun!
It hurts like hell, often much worse than I bargained for, until I’m in tears.
Still, it should inspire smiles and giggles!
I’m bruised afterward, with vivid colors, and tender flesh, often lasting for a week.
Still, it gives me joy!
Therefore, I’ve been known to bare my bottom (even in public)
and ask for a spanking, even beg for it
and cry for joy even as I’m crying in pain
and thank you from the bottom of my heart
for beating my bottom mercilessly, paddling me, even caning me
and reward you with sex due to indebted gratitude.

12 responses to “#259) That Thing We Do”

  1. Several fellow-bloggers have recently stated that they’re losing the inspiration, the spark to keep blogging about spanking. I wrote this to remind myself about all I love about TTWD.

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  2. Those “angry weals” as they’d be referred to in any one of the Victorian Blue Moon paperbacks I’d sneak a gander at in the Erotica section of Barnes & Noble have always seemed a tad extreme for me. I love a round, womanly bare-bottom spanked to peak bubblegum
    Pinkness, or a deep “Dusky Rose” ( that was an Eve Howard description in a shadowlane installment that’s stayed with me for decades!)
    The Victorianna turned me on because there were thrashings— second cousins to the embarrassing, old/fashioned spankings I really craved hearing about —but close enough. Was I embarrassed myself to be so turned on by campy faux Restoration Comedy names as Lady Flaybum? Sure. But it was white hot erotic corporal punishment. Other people thought about this stuff!!! And I felt less alone knowing there were kindred erotic spirits out there.
    Thank you for the daydreams, Genie.

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    • When it’s my own bottom, believe me when I say I prefer bubblegum pink over angry weals or welts or…! “Dusky Rose was a popular shade in interior decorating; that’s where I heard it, probably where Eve H. heard it, too. Thanks for the cogent comments!

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    • Great question which I don’t know the answer to, lurvspanking. I just always feel it, as though I deserve a spanking. Don’t know if other submissives share this with me. It makes me a little defensive…


      • I understand. Guilt is a universal emotion for many different things. Food, family, work, money… sex, of course. When it comes to spanking, D/s, D/D, BDSM: all those lovely letters that shove us spankos in neat little boxes; there is no one emotion that rules them all. Certainly not guilt, although we all feel it. I feel guilt sometimes for wanting to spank every female bottom I see. Twitchy palms at the grocery store. Keep in mind that there are lots of spankos out there and “deserving” a spanking is not always the result of feeling shame. BTW, call me LS, that’s what I go by. Embrace your desires and let go of the guilt.

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