#261) The Thrillseeker

When I recently ran into my former lover, Kyle, I also briefly met the girl he’s currently seeing. For a while, I thought I’d write a piece from her perspective, but having tried several times, I’ve found it just too much of a stretch. I don’t know her that well; I don’t want this to be catty or vindictive. So I’ll compose an open letter to her, instead. That is not an actual photo of her above, but is reminiscent of her. She is young, in her early twenties, and living with a man in his early sixties.

Dear Brittany,
It was very nice meeting you briefly the other day! I was very impressed with your natural beauty. I’m sure that Kyle can’t keep his hands off you.
Kyle is really something, isn’t he? It took me a while to be able to say that without any bit of bitterness, but can now. I will love him forever; I hope that you will, too!
I imagine that you have joined the Mile High Club by now. I know that Kyle likes to impress new girlfriends with that perk aboard a Netjets plane. I also bet that he took you aboard his yacht, got you naked, and fucked you from behind while standing at the bow, his version of “Titanic’s” King of the World Moment. I share this not out of any meanness, but to convey that nothing is new with Kyle. I, and a myriad of other conquests, have all thrilled to be sharing these fun, expensive pastimes with him.
The real reason (at least one of them) I’m writing to you is to find out more about something Kyle offhandedly said about you. When I inquired if he’d been spanking the holy hell out of your cute bottom, he replied that you weren’t an actual spanko. He stated (out of your earshot, I believe) that you liked spanking in order to see if you could endure the worst punishments he dared to dish-out. Kyle further said that this was why you liked anal sex. I’m honestly fascinated by this phenomenon, having first heard about this younger generation of thrill-seekers instead of spanking enthusiasts or masochists in a newsletter that Shadowlane’s Eve Howard published. I can’t help but be curious; if you were to gauge your interests on a scale, are you 100% thrill-seeker, or 90/10% spanko, or…? Do you ever wonder if the thrill from taking the dare (whether that across your ass with a paddling or up your ass with a reaming or…) will ever fade away? I truly look forward to seeing how you fair in this journey of kinky life in this regard.
The other reason I’m writing is to humbly offer some caring advice. In the admittedly brief conversation I shared with you, I got the distinct impression that you like to act the brat. I intimately well know the lure of this; you feel like you get to earn the spanking that’s inevitably coming. The problem is that Kyle suffers from hypertension, high blood pressure, as I’m almost certain he’s shared with you. Bratting makes his blood boil. He may spank you all the harder because of it, which I’m sure pleases that thrill-seeking desire in you, but it could literally kill him. I got so that I would simply announce that I was in the mood for a good spanking, and he’d give it to me. I know that this sounds tame and pedestrian by comparison to getting under his skin and then spectating as he takes the hide off of your backside, but not if he ends up in the hospital, or worse.
I hope that this letter is received in the spirit in which it is composed. Have fun, ride that gravy-train to the end of the line! (That, too, is not a slight; I rode Kyle’s train for a lovely two years of frolicking.)
Jean Marie

Upon reflection, I don’t think Brittany will last long as Kyle’s significant other. He is a Dominant at his essence, to the core of his being. He’ll tire of a partner who doesn’t share that taste on the flip-side of the coin, who is only in it for the thrills. We’ll see…

4 responses to “#261) The Thrillseeker”

  1. Kyle should have taken you across his knee right then and there, bared your bottom and then spanked you like a misbehaving, impertinent girl right in front of her. Then sent you “right-straight” to your room.
    And followed.
    Happy Ending.
    The end.
    Good morning, JM.


    • At first reading, I wondered why I deserved a spanking… Especially in front of his current love! I think that you’re saying her made a mistake and should’ve done this to make amends. He broke my heart, but it’s all in the past now. Moving on…


  2. I was-now in the cold light of a rainy morning —selfishly using your story as an excuse to toss out oneof my old faves—spanked-and-sent-to-her room/ sent-to-her-room-and-spanked. This wasn’t fair as your heartbreak was real as the laddered weals on the previous gal-in-the-photos bare bum. I’m sorry your heart was broken. Mine still is and it goes out to you, dear, prolific JM.

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