#262) Sent To Her Room

She looked at him incredulously.
“You’re sending me to my room… without my supper…?”
“That’s correct, young lady. And don’t sit down while you’re up there. I don’t want any sit spots on your adorable bottom before I spank it.”
“Spank it?!” she said at an even higher decibel level and pitch. “Do you think I’m seven? I’m your wife… of twenty seven years of age!”
“That attitude is exactly why you are going to get a good, hard, bare bottom spanking, then have to go to bed hungry.”
She opened her mouth, thought better of it, and closed it again.
“Good girl. I think that’s the first time in the four months I’ve known you that you didn’t give license to your sharp tongue.”
He was right and they both knew it. It’d been a whirlwind romance. Robert was a well-respected captain of industry, with more money than he knew what to do with. Sherry was a well-endowed cutie pie, with a penchant for gold-digging. Their prenup stipulated that they had to remain married, sharing the same conjugal bed for one full year for her to receive a dime in any divorce settlement. They’d been married for two months, after a two month engagement. Sherry was amazed at Bob’s virility in bed. She was about to become even more amazed.
“You can’t be serious…” she said, this time in a whisper, more of a wish than an accusation.
“I notice that you’re not making much headway up that staircase. When I give you an extra set of spanks, you’ll know that dawdling was the reason.”
“Can we talk about it, please?” this was a naked yet humble request on her part.
“After your spanking…” he replied.
Sherry trudged upstairs, threw herself down on their huge bed on her tummy, quite mindful of what her husband had said.
Robert poured himself a tumbler of Blanton’s bourbon, and took the stairs two at a time. He was looking forward to this. As soon as he entered their lavish and spacious boudoir, Sherry rolled over and sat up, to show her newfound respect for her husband, then remembered his words, and bolted onto her feet to stand at the foot of the bed. She was so afraid that he was going to sit on the edge of their bed and yank her across his lap violently, then savage her poor backside! She found herself panting with shallow breaths. She was surprised to see her nipples crinkled hard like dried raisins on her impressive boobies’ summits; what was that about?
Nothing he did was rash or violent. He went straight to the house intercom, pressed the button, and Sherry heard his voice echo through all the mansion’s rooms.
“Maria, would you come to the master bedroom right away, please?”
The pretty Hispanic maid arrived at their bedroom door in just a matter of seconds. She was dressed in a crisp light blue maid’s livery, and was, as a matter of fact, the same age as her mistress.
“Yes, sir?”
“Sherry, you were rude to Maria this morning. I was on an important conference call, or I would have addressed the issue immediately. Maria, I just wanted you to know that Mrs. Collins is going to receive a bare bottom spanking in just a moment to rival any I’ve administered to you.”
“You spank the maid?” Sherry blurted out.
“It’s in her signed contract,” he said to Sherry. “She said that she’d prefer that to losing her job.” Then to Maria he asked,” Do you think I’ve been fair to you when I’ve punished you?”
Maria’s hands went instinctively to caress the seat of her starched uniform as she smiled, “Oh, a-yes, Sir!”
“I just wanted you to know that the matter is being rectified.” Then turning to Sherry, he said, “I think you ought to apologize to her.”
“She’s… not going… be allowed to watch me get spanked… is she?”
“I think that would upset the balance of power too much,” Robert said, and Sherry mumbled a barely audible, “I’m sorry,” as Robert added, “but I think she should see the results of the spanking, to make that apology more sincere. Maria, I’ll call you back here in a few minutes. You may go now.”
“A-yes, Sir. Thank you, muchas gracias!” and she left the room with a smirk on her pretty mouth.
Now Robert took a stiff sip of the liquor in his hand and put the tumbler on a coaster on the dresser, sat on the bed, and looked up at his bride expectantly.
“I can’t believe this!” she whispered under her breath, and struggled into the ignominious posture of lying across his lap. Robert looked down to see Sherry’s perfectly pert and upholstered derriere staring back at him. He softly rested his right hand across the deep divide of the twin orbs, and the large muscles twitched involuntarily. She was stretched as taut as piano wire, he thought, and would only grow more taut before the relief of it being over left her exhausted and spent. Taut and ready to be taught a good lesson.
He lifted his hand high. She realized its absence too late and didn’t have time to flinch. It came down hard. Sherry wasn’t spanked as a child. If she had been, maybe she wouldn’t have turned out as she did. Robert addressed this with the lecture that accompanied her first spanking.
Smack! “You can be a bitch, young lady. That won’t be tolerated any longer.”
Smack! “You can expect a spanking of this severity or worse on your bared bottom every time I encounter that bitchiness in the future.”
Smack! “I hope you understand that I will bare you, whether we are in private or not, and spank you then and there if I see fit. Is that clear?”
It was at this juncture that the reality of what was actually happening to her broke through the shock and hit home, and the cumulative effect of the swats registered. Sherry started to cry. As the spanking and the lecture continued, she started to pound her fists on the floor at one end, and kick her bare feet at the other, and sob, and plead. But she was mindful not to protest too obstreperously, so as to increase the sentence. In order to take perfect aim, Robert pinned her long legs between his, as he proceeded to punish her posterior further. He cupped the full, left breast that hung pendulously closest to him as he pummeled her red bottom even more.
He stopped, and she thought and wished that it was over, and then he said, “Oh, yeah, about that dawdling and backtalk…” and he administered another long, brisk set of spanks.
It hurt so much! It was so humiliating to be treated his way, put in this position and hit, lectured like an errant little girl. It broke her; Sherry balled loudly. Immediately, she realized that this was antithetical to what she should be doing, and while the painful spanks still rained down on her backside, Sherry composed herself, arched her lower back to thrust her bottom up all the higher, to wordlessly say, “Here’s my butt, Robert. I know that I was a bad girl. I know that I’m getting what I deserve. Do your worst…” And that’s when he stopped.
He lifted her to sit on his lap. Her inflamed seat was so sore, so itchy against his tweedy trousers, she pushed her ass off his lap to cool in the air. She knew that she must look a sight, her butt stuck out obscenely behind, her hair disheveled, her make-up ruined and tear streaked; she didn’t care. But he encircled her in his strong arms and hugged her close, and this felt heavenly. She got her sobs under control, hiccupped, and sighed against his thumping heart.
“Please get up, Sherry. Go to the intercom. Call Maria back in here.”
“Must I? I’m so embarrassed…!”
“Do you want more spanks?” he asked as if his wife was a seven year old.
She rose immediately and did as she was told.
“Now bend over the bed, to give her a good look,” he advised and Sherry didn’t miss a beat before obeying. She was in that revealing posture when the maid reentered the room. “Do you have something to say to Maria?”
“I’m so sorry, Maria! I will never be rude to you again! I promise!”
“If she is, Maria,” Robert added, “please tell me right away, and you’ll witness her comeuppance.” Then he spoke to his wife as the maid silently retreated, “Just as she signed a contract, you promised to ‘love, honor, and obey’ and you’ve failed miserably at it. I expect improvement.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Please go to the corner of the room and display your spanked bottom while I get ready for bed.” Sherry jumped to obey. When he was as nude as she was, he came up behind her, massaged her reddened backside, cupped her heavy breasts, then fingered her vagina. He found her moderately aroused, His fingering soon brought her to a higher boil. “Sometimes, after a spanking, and you most certainly will be spanked again, Sherry, I’ll have you stand in the corner a long time. Sometime, after cuddling with you sufficiently, I’ll want vaginal sex from you, to show that all is forgiven. And sometimes, I’ll want you here,” and one slick finger left her pussy, crossed that narrow bridge, her perineum, and invaded up her rectum, “to show you that the punishment of humiliation might have to be prolonged. Is that clear, young lady?”
“Perfectly, sir.” She arched back at him, telegraphing that she liked his many fingers diddling her sex and that one rude finger deep up her butt hole. “May we please have sex now?”
He chortled. “Where do you want it?” Both sets of fingers played more fervently inside her orifices.
“That would be up to you, sir,” she said sincerely.
He knew then that she was on her way. It’d be a winding road, but she was well on her way to becoming the wife he wanted, a wife he could live with for more than a year. Amazingly, Sherry found herself feeling the same way. For the first time in her twenty seven years, she knew where the boundaries were, knew that they’d be enforced, and found comfort in that.
“If I may, sir…” she spoke up, “I’d like it in both places. Let me show you that I can be a submissive wife in the best way I know how…”
Standing upright against the wall, he took her from behind vaginally until she cried out, then withdrew, bent Sherry over further, and inserted his jism-slick cock up her anus. It wasn’t long before she was enunciating loudly from this, too.
“Oh! I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum from a butt fucking! Cum with me!”
Robert pulled out of her, slapped her buttocks once more, turned her and directed, “On your knees.”
She was no sooner in position than he emptied his testicles onto her extended tongue.
Then they cuddled in bed under the covers, with Sherry feeling happier about life than she did on her wedding night.
He called her his “good girl,” which fulfilled her immensely.
She praised his prowess, which he deferred to being solely due to her beauty.
“It was so strange…” she confided. “I got really turned-on by being dominated! That faded some when you spanked me so hard, but now that I know what to expect, I think it’ll get me off, too…”
Robert secretly planned to test her theory on that as early as tomorrow morning, when he was going to spank her again, with the justification of “just because.” As for now, he asked a question that he knew the answer to.
“Are you hungry, sweetheart?”
“I’ll order a pizza to be delivered.”
Half an hour later when they ate it in bed, he impressed her by placing a warm slice on top of her pudendum, taking a bite of food and a lick of her pussy alternately. With mozzarella melting in her mouth, Sherry climaxed when he concentrated on the cunnilingus. It was even more decadently delicious when she ate pizza while he ate out her ass!
He was going to be fun to be married to, she thought to herself with a giggle. She had no idea what the morning promised.

3 responses to “#262) Sent To Her Room”

  1. I just composed an apology of sorts for transposing one of my favorite scenarios: sent-to-her-room onto your previous tale which included heartache. Attention must be paid to such a detail, Violets.
    The same heart that went out to you in now in my throat after reading this latest white- hot, stomach-thrumming, delicious tale of love and embarrassment. The inherent presence of the one makes the other that much more thrilling. And thrilling it was to read. A beautiful, touching and incredibly arousing idyll.
    Thank you

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