#264) A Ballad to Her Butt

Imagine being Suzie Boyd. She was in a relationship with George Harrison, the Beatle, a rock ‘n roll god. Then Eric Clapton (perhaps the greatest guitarist ever) sees you and has to have you, woos you away, writes the immortal “Layla” about you. She broke hearts wherever she went.

That’s what Chloe fantasizes about, as she lays face-down on her bed. She’s dressed only in bra and panties. Joel is sitting at the foot of her bed, staring at Chloe’s bottom. He is struggling to express in lyrics and melody the incomparable, unfathomable, indescribable beauty he finds in her bottom. They made love for the first time just last night, actually this morning at about two A.M. Joel had to have her, had to have her from behind, so that he could be up against that bottom, looking at it as he thrust into her, digging his fingers into it as he fucked. She still smells of sex, reeks of it actually, and Joel is mesmerized by the scent. Her smells and his smells blended together, co-mingling, conjoined like they were.

Joel is struggling, but he doesn’t want Chloe to know this. His impressive talents seem feeble when confronted with the monumental beauty of her bottom. It’s now five A.M. and his manic energy shows no sign of flagging, but he has no results.

Chloe has an idea (which is more than you can say for Joel). She reaches back and slowly pulls her underwear down, just to mid-thigh, just far enough for Joel to see all of her magnificent bottom in all its glory in the nude. Then she reaches back and pulls the headphones off Joel’s ears.

“I was thinking… Maybe you just need to know my bottom better… more intimately… know it in the Biblical sense… so, I thought I’d let it come out to play…” and she wiggled it, sending shivers all through Joel.

“You mean…?” he reacted obtusely.

“I mean…” she clarified by caressing her bottom, parting it, opening for him, winking at him with her brown eye, “where in the canon of all music, in all genres, for all of time, is there a song about butt fucking…?”

3 responses to “#264) A Ballad to Her Butt”

  1. I heard the phrase “romantic anal” the other day. It made me smile. I’ve been lucky in life to 1) be anal erotic, 2) have had some knowledgeable and caring lovers, 3) experienced profound joy during anal sex. So I love romantic anal and am an anal romantic!

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