#268) Full Cut

This is written by a woman who has dresser drawers full of expensive lingerie. (It was the favorite gift from wealthy lovers in my past.) The full cut, cheap, probably-polyester panties pictured above are some of the sexiest I’ve seen in a long time.

One response to “#268) Full Cut”

  1. The model looks like she could be sixteen, though I trust that she is at least eighteen and probably is in her twenties. I love how she looks like her privacy has been invaded, catching her in her underclothes. Imagine how mortified this girl would be if you yanked her across your knee, roughly pulled those full cut bloomers down, maybe even ripping them as you do so. She’d most likely curse you as you let your hand wander across the expanse of her pale, cool curves, pinching, patting, parting, commenting, leaning down close to sniff. She wouldn’t limit herself to harsh looks and cutting curses when you start to spank; she’d scream bloody murder! Oh, I want her so…

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