#269) Double Stuffed

I was shopping in my local sex toy shop. (FYI, I go during off-hours, with a scarf over my hair and a hood up, sunglasses on, no make-up, wearing scruffy clothes, so people won’t recognize this normally well-dressed school marm.) I saw the box for a double-ended dildo (like the one pictured above). I inspected the box, thinking that this toy would be fun to use with another woman, lying or standing face-to-face, close together. A scenario started to play in my imagination when I realized my error. The toy was designed for one woman to use in both holes. That seemed even sexier than what I was dreaming, so I bought the toy.

When I got it home, I stripped naked, lit a couple candles, and crawled into bed with my new lover (the toy). I had a decision to make. It has a thick end and a thinner end. Which one in which hole…? I decided to use the thick end up my ass, to train my rosebud to accommodate something larger than it’s used to, to stretch myself, to push my limits. The thin end did what it needed to do, fill my pussy as it stimulated my clitoris. I felt like a double-stuffed Oreo cookie, the kind with twice the creamy icing/filling inside. I had twice the filling, twice the creaminess icing my confection.

I only wish I had a male lover. I’d like to train my throat to accommodate something larger than it’s used to, to push my limits, to take him into my mouth, suck and tongue and deep-throat him, so as to be filled in all my orifices…

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