#271) A Piece for Preakness Stakes Day

It is two weeks to the day since the Kentucky Derby, and today thoroughbred horses are competing in the Preakness Stakes. I wrote a piece two weeks ago from the fans perspective. This one will be from a horse trainer’s point of view.
The fetching lady in black in the above photo is a trainer of equines. Her name is Julie. Julie is leading the two impressive mares beside her out to their paddock for a little fresh air, grazing, and exercise. Fun fact, you can put two females (or more) in the same paddock, and they’ll get along fine, but not two males. They are territorial, wanting to prove dominance over one another. The stallions will fight, so have to be put in separate paddocks with the fencing divided by a space, to insure that they can’t get at each other with bared teeth and rearing-up front hooves or high-kicking back ones. The dressage whip that the trainer carries is not for use on the horses. It’s for when Julie returns to the interior of the stables.
Inside the stables is the assistant trainer, Jane. The photo below shows her restrained and somewhat unclothed, awaiting the return of Julie. Jane foolishly flirted with the wealthy owner of the two black mares (as well as many other horses and expensive collectables). Julie not only shares a business relationship with Mr. Smithson, they share a romantic/sexual one at the moment. Jane foolishly tried to disrupt that by dressing provocatively and flirting shamelessly with Mr. Smithson. Now that the horses are out of the way and won’t be spooked, Julie is going to teach Jane a lesson in manners with the dressage whip.
Notice how Jane is dressed entirely inappropriately for work in the stables, but that is how she came to work this morning, along with a pair of denim jeans and a white cotton blouse. Jane thought that this attire would impress Mr. Smithson.
As soon as Julie saw this, she went to her apartment over the stables to retrieve some things from her personal collection of toys. Julie said that she could fire Jane as assistant trainer and blackball her from ever working in the equine industry again, or she could take the lesson Julie wanted to administer. Jane opted for the latter, so was told to remove those jeans and her blouse, then Julie restrained her with her personally owned spreader bar and cuffs. In what little free-time Julie has away from the stables, she is an accomplished Dominatrix in the scene. She plans to whip that provocative and inappropriate lingerie right off Jane’s hard body with that dressage whip. Julie is territorial and wants to prove dominance over Jane.
Notice how that spreader bar parts not only Jane’s long legs, but her pert bottom, as well. After Julie has whipped the bra and garter belt off of Jane, the trainer/Dom plans to concentrate her lesson on that parted and proffered posterior of poor Jane. But she won’t neglect those pretty titties and plump pudendum. Jane is in for a long and serious lesson at the hands of her pissed-off boss/knowledgeable sadist. She’s going to be very sorry that she ever thought of luring Mr. Smithson away from Julie, but it’s going to take a lot of cruel whipping to bring Jane to that place.
Notice also that Julie has taken off her riding breeches. She plans on working up a sweat punishing her protégé. And she knows that whipping the pale flesh of the fiery redhead will excite her. Vigorous exercise in the Southern heat will make the olive complexion of the trainer glisten as though covered in dew. Making the vanquished girl scream in pain, and beg for mercy will make the trainer cream her crotch. Julie wants to make it easy for Jane to show her contrition, by letting her lick the sweat and jism off her body. But that won’t be a while yet. First, the hard lesson…

One response to “#271) A Piece for Preakness Stakes Day”

  1. Not as much excitement about today’s Preakness with the Derby winner, Rich Strike, not competing, but I’ll still follow it. Hope you will, too, and hope that you enjoy this little story!

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