#273) Drive with Your Iron to the Hole

In the distance stretches the beautifully scenic golf course, The Green Monkey in Jamaica, eighteen holes full of challenge for anybody who wants to try to take it on.
At pool’s edge stretches the beautifully sexy woman/child, Gretchen Murphy, eighteen years old and full of challenging attitude for anybody who wants to try to take her on.
A wealthy sportsman felt defeated in trying to conquer this course, so instead invested sixteen million dollars in a young, untested thoroughbred. He named the race horse after the course. The Green Monkey never won a single race. It was a good lesson in the world of thoroughbred investment wisdom.
Many wealthy sporting types have tried to conquer the heart and/or body of fetching Gretchen. They’ve collectively invested millions trying to wine and dine her, win her affections with jewelry and other lavish gifts. At eighteen, Ms. Murphy remains virginal in all sexual senses of the word, but very worldly wise.
Even with its daunting reputation, men still flock to try their skill and luck at golf here.
Irrespective of the fact that no man has ever gotten anywhere with her, lots still try to seduce dear Gretchen.
Titanium steel shafts, clubs with enlarged heads, lively balls, lots of lessons with the pros, they try everything. Think you’re going to score below par, shoot a hole in one? Think again.
Gretchen glances over at you on the other side of the pool. “Unless I’m mistaken, you have a hard-on… Is that because of little ole me? Get it out, I want to see it… Very stiff! That head looks almost painful, it’s so swollen… That’s no putter, that’s a driver, mister! Tell me, if you could, and you can’t, I’m just teasing you, but if you could score, where would you put that big, hard thing first? …Pick a hole, what’s your preference? …What would you do to me?”

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