#276) Kink and Let Kink

Way back when I modeled in Los Angeles, I was once invited to a private party at a B&D/S&M club. The people who threw the party thought it was trendy and cutting-edge to blend those two worlds, fashion and kink, worlds that I straddled in my life. The club was just a warehouse in downtown Hollywood; I wish that it looked like the facade pictured above. It was named Le Chateau. I don’t know (but doubt) that it still exists today.

Most of the kinksters at the soiree looked rather sketchy, but one brought along a girl who was wearing a bikini, but covered nearly head-to-toe in bondage. The ropes were intricately knotted, wound around her neatly (never overlapping). I’m not into rope-play, but found this glowing example intriguing. I struck up a conversation with the blond girl. She worked at the club, she said, and because I was so friendly and open, and female, she shared both the name she went by when on-duty, and her real name, Suzie. I asked lots of questions about what it was like to be a profession submissive. She said that she didn’t switch, but some of the girls did. There were also dominants on-call. She said that some days were more challenging than others in that she was disciplined repeatedly and harshly in one shift, but that this was unusual. There were ice packs available if that happened. Suzie said she got-off on the work, that it hadn’t dulled the sharp edge of her kink thus far. Patrons paid for one hour of her time. No penetration of any kind was allowed. (She joked that this included a pinkie finger in her ear hole and applied to everything up from that.) It was usually a wide variety of kinks requested. Most patrons were male, let’s say that they wanted to spank her for part of the time, relieve their arousal in a provided terrycloth towel right after, then talk for the remainder of the time. This reminded me of what I’d heard from prostitutes; most clients walked to talk as much as fuck. Subs would be expected to take spankings, paddlings, strappings, whippings, even canings. A wide variety of implements were provided; some people brought their own. Prices would be negotiated on the severity, some of the money going to the house, some to the sub. Different rooms were decorated by various motifs, dungeon, school room, etc, and outfitted with straight-backed chairs, spanking benches, crosses… She waxed poetic about a regular customer they called the Maniac. He spent the entire hour spanking the sub, mostly with his hand, finishing with a leather paddle, and just one minute before his time elapsed, he’d stroke his cock once or twice, and ejaculate. There was a guy who liked just to sniff her ass. He’d rest his nostrils right on her rosebud. (I used this to springboard off of for my recent post, “Sniff, Then Scratch.”) The strangest story Suzie told me, and swore was all true, concerned a guy who brought both tall stiletto high heels and a brown-paper-bag. As soon as Suzie put on the high heels, he’d pour out the contents of the bag on the floor. It was a whole bunch of snails in their shells. Suzie was expected to crush the snails under her shoe soles, while the guy masturbated.

I came away from this conversation thinking 1) that it takes all kinds, and 2) my kinks were just ripples and waves compared to some others. Live and let live, kink and let kink!

As mentioned, I’m not really into rope-play and bondage, but I thought this dreamcatcher inspiring and erotic.

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