#277) Inspiring Abodes Part I

As you know, I get a lot of inspiration from photographs I come across on the Internet. I’m going to write a short series on houses that inspire me. Pictured above is a lovely thatched roofed abode. It looks like a real life setting for a Thomas Kincade portrait (an artist I usually don’t like, just too cheesy). But when I saw this photo, it got me excited. A whole scenario occurred to me about a young couple who live here. They’re trying to start a family. So she is walking around the interior of the house naked, to get him horny. They are monitoring her vital stats constantly to track her ovulation (perhaps with a thermometer up her rectum…). When all is right, they fuck like bunnies, fast and furious, repeatedly, warm and fuzzy. To get them both in the mood, he’s birching her plump, dewy bottom frequently. Look at the den pictured below. I’d LOVE to be birched here (but you KNOW that I’d LOVE to have my bottom disciplined almost anywhere)! At the same time, there are things I don’t like about this room. They lose a lot of bookshelf space with those pictures hung there. And how do you get to the top shelves? There is no ladder in sight…

I love the overstuffed chairs and ottoman. I dream of stretching my overstuffed bum across them for a stern birching…

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