#278) She’s a Risktaker

We are well matched as Dominant and submissive, as male and female, as lovers. But we have very different personalities and likes/dislikes. For example, my idea of a pleasant day off is reading a book with some good music playing in the background and some snacks within reach. Rita wants to be outside, preferable doing something energetic and exerting, usually involving an adrenaline infusion.
So it’s a warm and sunny Sunday morning and we’re exploring an unfamiliar coastline. There is a long, steep stairway up the rocky cliffs which I’m thankful for because it means we don’t have to scale the fairly sheer cliffs. We’re suddenly standing on an outcropping in a stiff breeze high above the crashing waves. Rita takes off her bikini top and embraces me, kisses me. She’s eloquently but nonverbally saying that she wants to get frisky. Her hand strokes my crotch. Because I’m not a fan of heights, my cock is shriveled up and playing hide and seek.
“I’d love to fuck you here, now…” Rita says in her most alluring, come hither voice. She hooks her index finger in the waistband of her thong and pulls the bathing suit bottoms out of the crack of her ass and down, then holds her cell phone up high in her other hand and documents this strip tease on camera. “We could take selfies as we fucked…” The wind starts to blow even harder, making me have to brace my legs from being pushed closer to the rock’s edge.
“If you want me to get hard, you’re going to have to do more than get naked in the sunshine…” I reply, running my hands down her dangerous curves, ending up with both palms planted on her perfect ass. I’m not the exhibitionist that Rita is, I’d be happy with a sensual make-out session, where my fingers could go rooting around in her dark crevices, say one hand digging in her labial folds and the other up her butt crack. But Rita prefers more instantaneous gratification. She steps out of the thong at her feet and takes a wide stance, arches her ass out and places both of her hands, one still gripping her cell phone, on her knees.
“Yes, sir. As you wish, sir. How spanks am I to get for public nudity and intoxication on my lover’s charm, sir?”
Even though she wears that skimpy thong bikini a hell of a lot, I’m so glad that she still sunbathes in a more traditional swimsuit, giving her tan-lines. Her cupcake tits and mounds of feminine ass flesh are creamy white, in contrast to her otherwise tanned hide. She knows the way to get me interested and hard the fastest. I take up a position behind her cute behind and take aim with my right hand in preparation of tanning her white butt crimson.
“I don’t know,” I say in answer to her question, “you’re incorrigible and a repeat offender…”
I give her butt a smart spank. My first thought is to wonder if the loud report of hand across hind-end can be heard far away, down to the shore. There doesn’t seem to be anyone else exploring this morning, but you never know. I decide that the wind and waves are both so loud, that they’ll obliterate the spanking sound effects. My second thought, just a nano second after the first is one of alarm, because the spank propels Rita two steps forward, and she’s quite near the drop-off of the cliff’s edge. I reach out and catch her by the arm, and both of our sets of eyes are wide with excitement and fear. Rita wasn’t in abject danger, but it was scary to see her step so near the edge. I hold her close and step back several paces, thinking that this jolt will cure her of that interest in a quickie. Our hearts are hammering in unison. We’re both shaking a bit and it’s not from the cool sea air. But she’s not dissuaded in the least.
Rita gets down on all fours on the stone. “Spank me like this! Then we can fuck in the doggy position!” she enthuses.
I love her, I love her body, I love that she’s one kinky fucker! I hate that she always approaches life with a devil-may-care attitude! I crouch over her, reach up, and start to swat her ass. She takes it silently, seeming to crawl inside herself, get into her own head, into her sub space.
“That’s really good! Harder… more…” she whispers. As a good, experienced Dom, I always try to be attuned to my sub’s needs. I give her what she wants. Creamy skin turns pink, red, dusky rose, magenta. She arches her ass out provocatively, hungrily. I watch her butt ripple under the barrage, the muscles flex and relax and seem to reach out for more. I watch her little anus wink at me every time her buttocks flap, a brown-eyed solicitation.
Oblivious of the fact that she almost went sailing into the void, Rita is now only on a tripod of support, as her right arm shoot out high and takes a series of shots of her red rump. Then that hand is back on the rock and the other is reaching toward me.
“Are you hard yet?” she inquires as her fingers stroke my manhood and answer her own query. “Good!” she sighs and sticks her ass out all the more. “Fuck me!”
Rita has converted me, this is sexy as fuck! I’m kneeling on the warm rock, parting her hot flesh, smelling her sweet brininess that matches the scent of the sea, and slipping my erection into her warm, wet wondrousness, and we’re rocking on the rock, and she’s moaning, slamming herself back into me. Getting hotter, fucking harder, faster, she seems to get all the wetter, tighter, my fingers intertwine with hers, and we’re climaxing, our hands gripping, our sexes gripping, both of us groaning and gasping. I only see red, then total black, and finally see her beneath me once more, and I’m so glad to be alive and inside Rita, I open my mouth and bite her on the shoulder, like a mustang stallion would a mare while they bucked and squealed on the open range. Suddenly, the breeze is cold on the wetness between our legs as I disengage from her, roll over and lay down on the stone. Rita kisses me, smiles.
“Well, that was fun! Hey, you bit me… hard! I love it! You’re such a beast… Race you back to the car, I want to fuck you again there…” and she’s running down the stone steps, her two-piece bathing suit in one hand, her cell phone in the other, bouncing boobies and buttocks and giggles as she flees.
It’s only been a moment, but I long to fuck her all over again, to try to capture her in my hands, on my cock, in my mouth, but she’s like the wind, like the waves. She’s unmanageable, uncontainable, unfathomable.

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