#280) Breeding

With thoroughbred horses, which must by law be bred live, not with artificial insemination, they have some tricks to play. They test the mare constantly to determine exact ovulation, and schedule the van ride to the stallion’s stud farm for that precise day. When she’s being prepared for the “cover” or breeding session, a teaser stallion is led in to be near the mare. This teaser has the most frustrating job in the world. He sniffs the mare, called flem, and determines if she is both in heat and receptive to being mounted. But he doesn’t get to do the mounting. Indeed, the teaser often wears an apron over his erection, to make sure that no copulation takes place between this common fellow and the blue-blooded mare. Only when all systems are a “go” is the teaser lead away, and the real sire, the stallion that has been matched with the mare for good quality confirmation and bloodlines is led into the breeding shed to do the deed. Eleven months later, a runner is born.
Mary wants to have a child with Chet, but they are both getting up there in years. So she has an idea, a trick to play. She rents the services of Gwen, the blonde beauty emerging from her gift box. Gwen is to remain with the couple 24/7 and remain as naked as the day she was born throughout that time. She is to tease Chet into a state of constant interest in breeding. When Mary is determined to be ovulating, Gwen will be replaced, the couple will rush to their marriage bed, and do the copulatory deed. The three have an interest in common, the fetish of spanking. Chet spanks Gwen often and sternly to promote sperm production. Mary spanks Gwen often and sternly to remind her of her lowly status. At the magic moment, Chet spanks Mary lovingly but meaningfully, both are stimulated to peak interest by this, and the copulation is consummated. Nine months later, a rug-rat is born, a chip off the old Chet.

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