#282) Inspiring Abodes Part III

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t…

I LOVE this house, not only because it is architecturally impressive. It touches a chord in this shy exhibitionist. Every time I was disciplined in any one of the many glass-walled rooms, I’d think about how all the people in the valley below could see my nudity, could see the severity of the whipping being administered across my backside, could see the results from the arousal that whipping inspired as my Top and I got busy…

“God, they’re doing it again in the glasshouse on the hill!” a housewife remarks to her husband.

“I know, I heard…” the husband responds.

The wife sees the husband’s stiffy. “You more than heard, you were watching with binoculars again, weren’t you?”

“I couldn’t help it, she cries so plaintively while being punished, moans so seductively when being fucked afterward…!” He caresses his wife’s matronly buttocks. “It’d be a shame to waste this hard-on, don’t you think?”

The wife peels her panties down and bends over. “Yes, okay, just don’t get any ideas and start spanking me in the heat of the moment…”

“Admit it, you loved being sore and bruised the last time…” and he emphasizes his words with a sound swat to her roundness as he slips into her wetness.

“Okay, okay, just not too hard… please… oh, please…”

Living in a house like this would be doing a community service in marital relations for a sexy, submissive minx like me.

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