#284) Birthday 2022

I don’t like revealing too many personal details about myself. (What? You’re saying to yourself right now. She reveals all sorts of personal/sexual details! But that’s fictionalized…) Publishing this blog has loosened me up a bit.

But I will share that sometime around now (not exactly today, but soon) I have a birthday coming up. I’ll be 33 years old. (I think when I set-up my WordPress profile, I just picked a random date for a birth date.) I’ve also joked about how Queen Elizabeth celebrates two birthdays a year, one public and one private. But this is real; I’ll be a year older soon. I’m not overjoyed at the prospect!

I remember when I was younger, when birthdays meant presents and a cake and a party. And someone at that party would jokingly mention that the birthday girl ought to be spanked. I never was publicly spanked at any of my birthday parties, but I was perpetually excited about the way it was publicly discussed!

So, here’s to another trip around the sun. Considering the alternative, this is preferable.

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