#288) Relevant for Today

I promise this will make sense eventually, just keep reading. It doesn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me, but that’s another matter. My soon-to-be step-father said I have to do this to complete my punishment, so that it’ll be even more effective. As you’ll soon find out, he’s really into effective punishment.
My mom invited me to get together with her and the guy she’s been seeing last evening for dinner. There’s a nice-but-inexpensive little restaurant just around the corner from her apartment. Within walking distance, good food with a fairly extensive wine list, reasonably priced, the bistro sounded good to all of us.
Here’s a little backstory that you need to know… Mom has been helping me financially, even though that was supposed to be just until I graduated college. She’s always been pretty casual about it (and all of life) in the past. And this special guy that my mom has been dating is a career military man, a chief petty officer in the Navy. His name is Mark and he impresses me as pretty buttoned-down and by-the-book. Or maybe that should be “depresses” me.
So we’re at the restaurant, and we order both the food and a nice bottle of red table wine, and they announce that they’re engaged. They haven’t been seeing each other that long, so I was quite surprised. If Mark were more like my dear-departed Dad, I’d be pleased for her, but he’s the polar opposite, so I get started on the wine as I “wish them all the best.” Then, half way through the meal, I mention to my Mom that I could use a little help with this month’s rent. Mark comments on my gold jewelry. Suddenly, they put two and two together and come up with five as the total. My Mom says that if I hadn’t bought the gold bracelet, I could afford my rent. I tell her that it was on sale and couldn’t pass it up! Mark has the nerve to chime in by saying that I can’t distinguish between needs and wants. By this time, after two bottles of wine, I was feeling no pain, just a little tipsy, so told him to mind his own business. He replied that, as of now, it was his business. Maybe you had to be there to fully understand. I mean, I was smiling as I said it, but I replied with a gesture, and a laughingly stated, “Fuck you!”
The whole mood at the table suddenly changes, becomes really frosty. It’s silent for a full minute, and when Mark finally speaks, he bites his ds off with a clenched jar.
“Did you ever see the movie, “Top Gun”?”
“I dunno… I don’t think so…” I reply.
“It’s my favorite movie! In it a senior officer says to the main character, “Son, your ego is writing checks that your body can’t cash!” to Tom Cruise,” Mark states.
I don’t see where he’s going. “So?” I respond.
“So, young lady, your attitude is writing checks that your ass can’t cash!” Mark improvises. “I think you need nothing more than a good spanking!” Mark stood up at the table. “Do you want it here, or in the privacy of your mom’s apartment?”
I was stunned to silence. My jaw dropped open. All that came out was a meek, “Not here…please…”
“Then I’ll see you there in just a moment. Don’t keep me waiting!” He throws some bills down on the bistro table and stalks out.
My Mom and I are walking three paces behind Mark. I’m still stunned at what’s just transpired, what seems to await…
“Mom, is he really planning on spanking me?!”
“You were very rude, dear,” she says.
“I’m too old for that!” I rejoin.
“Mark doesn’t think that way… He gave me several swats just the other evening…”
“You’re kidding!” I nearly shout. “Aren’t you?” She just kept walking. “Mom!” I protest.
“It was strange, but I felt better after it was over… at least, a while after, when I’d recovered… Mark is very big on consequences…”
My mind was reeling. Nonetheless, I just kept walking, dazed and confused, but inexorably ever closer to my mother’s apartment. I remember thinking that at least I hadn’t been humiliatingly spanked right there in the restaurant.
As soon as we were behind closed doors, Mark ordered, “Strip down to your bra and panties, young lady.”
I started to pull off my down jacket and realized that I wasn’t wearing any. I’d gone commando that morning, thinking I might get together with a boyfriend, Matthew, later that evening and wanted to look sexy for him. I started to tear-up. My mother saw this and spoke up.
“Mark, I think I should remain in the room… during her punishment…”
Mark nodded. I did as directed and took my clothing off.
“May I go to the bathroom first, please?” I pleaded.
“Of, course, dear,” my mom responded.
After I peed, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from my nude form in the bathroom mirror, staring at my unblemished bottom, wondering how badly I’d soon be marked…
Mark was seated in a straight-backed dining room chair when I emerged.
“For the record, I object to being treated this way!” I stated.
“Duly noted,” Mark replied, “get over my knee…”
I glanced at my mom’s face, which looked stricken, as she stood by her man with her hand covering her throat. The next thing I saw was the dining room floor, up close. Marks hands adjusted my position. The blood rushed to my head, which was pounding from too much red wine.
Mark did his very best to draw my blood from my throbbing head to my upturned buttocks, which were throbbing before I knew it. God, he spanked hard! I tried to fight back the tears, not wanting to give him that satisfaction, but the pain and humiliation was just too much after a while. I was being treated like a little girl! But with a very big, adult dose of discipline!
“I’m sorry!” I called out.
“You’re not sorry yet, but you will be…” Mark called down to me.
Many spanks later, I pounded my fists on the floor and yelled, “I can’t take it anymore!”
To which, my soon-to-be-father-figure said, “You don’t have any choice in the matter!” and just kept throttling my poor butt.
He spanked until I couldn’t protest with hammering hands or kicking feet anymore, until my voice was hoarse from yelping, until all my tears were exhausted. He spanked from hip to hip across my larger than average bottom. He parted my cheeks and spanked up the crack and on my vulnerable rosebud. I involuntarily cried out at this intrusion, at this violation of my privacy.
“It’s for your own good,” she offered by way of meaningless platitude.
Then he moved down to spank the backs of my thighs when my entire butt was covered in pain, and those swats really hurt!
Finally, way past when I would’ve believed, he stopped punishing me to ask, “Do you think you’ve learned your lesson, young lady?”
I had no words, I just nodded. He lifted me and put me on my feet. My hands immediately flew to rub my flaming bottom. I could not believe how much I hurt, how dejected, defeated, and demoralized I felt my soul felt to compliment my tushy.
“Get the journal, please, Marjorie,” Mark said to my mom.
She came back with a bound writing journal, one of those with the cover imprinted with a black and whiter marble-like design. She handed it to him, he handed it to me with a pen. I opened it to see that my mother had made an entry describing her feelings during and after her recent spanking at Mark’s hands.
“I want you to document what just happened,” he said to me. “I plan to put you back over my knee to read what you’ve written later tonight. If it’s not thorough, be prepared for another spanking. Am I clear?”
“Yes, sir…” I sniffled.
He held the dining room chair out for me near the table. I sat and couldn’t believe how that made every swat scream back at me. I put the diary down on the table and began this piece. I was still writing an hour later. I did not want a repeat of that trip across Mark’s knee! He announced that they were going to opening night of that new movie, “Top Gun – Maverick” and would be back in a few hours. He would read my diary entry then.
I’m still writing. My butt is still throbbing and screaming back at me for sitting. I can’t stop softly crying, and sometimes one will drop on the page and smudge the ink. I’m so sad that I didn’t get to see Matt tonight, but I don’t want to date him until my bruised bottom has healed. So I don’t know when that’ll be. That’s if I don’t earn another spanking for something else tonight, tomorrow, whenever. I guess I better get used to this new normal…

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  1. Today the new “Top Gun – Maverick” movie premieres. It’ll be big.
    This story gets back to the roots. It’s strictly spanking administered strictly. I hope that gets you off as potently as it does me!

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