#290) So Much to Say

This picture says so much to me, so eloquently!
First, I’m immediately in her shoes, the errant schoolgirl. The desk is so hard-edged against my softest place. I know I’m being so naughty, I fear I might get caught any second, but I’m powerless to stop. I see the snail trail of my jism all over the corner of the desktop, I’m close. It feels so good, it almost hurts. The desk is unforgiving, hard, I’m close! I love the feeling of my panties down around my thighs, almost like I’m bound by them. I love exposing my pussy in the classroom, watching it get puffy, get leaky, get smelly! Oh, I’m really close! With my free left hand I reach around back, lift my skirt back there, too, caress my butt cheeks for a moment, go in between, feel the humid crack, find the tight hole. In rhythm with my masturbation on the desk, I push my middle finger up and in. My butt hole is so sensitive, I love how it always brings me closer! I’m gonna… yes!
Next, I’m the school teacher, stern and unforgiving. I see the ecstatic look possess the pretty student’s features, watch her pussy cream on the desk, hear her cry out. Then she sees me, looks horror stricken to be caught with both her hands in the cookie jar. She knows that she’s been nasty, will be made to pay. I push her across the desk she’s just been rubbing against. She pulls her finger out of her anus, grips the far side of the desk with both hands. She knows what’s coming. Her cheeks are so plump, so pretty, so pale. She sees the cane in my hand, knows that I’m going to stripe her, knows that she’s in for it, braces herself. Even though I bear down on the little bitch with all I have within me for lesson-learning, the little whore enjoys the pain. I hear it in her voice as she cries out. With every lash, she rubs her pussy all the more, rides the desk like a lover, gets off on it. I grab her by the arm, sit, pull her across my lap. I hand spank her cane welts, her entire bouncing bottom. There’s no hard edge beneath her now, but she’s still cumming, just from the spanking, just from the setting of her classroom being defiled, just because it’s me. She’s such a nasty little girl! I want to take her home, make her my little bitch, my submissive slave, treat her to a steady diet of strict punishment and sexual pleasure. I have a strap-on that I want to put into her, into all her holes in turn. I whisper this to her, and she smiles.
School is out! The graduating senior will be my plaything all summer, my toy, my slave, my lover for the months of lascivious freedom ahead. My mouth is watering at the prospect, among other places. That old rock ‘n roll song is blaring. Who was it? Oh yeah, Alice Cooper. “School’s out for summer, school’s out forever!”

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