#292) Dreams and Their Meanings

I used to have a lover who wanted to tell me all the details of his dreams when he awoke in the morning. I found this incredibly boring! So that’s not what I’m doing here.
I want to get at the meaning of my frequent dreams. I think I see a common thread.
A dream I have quite often during the school year is where I am naked in public, usually when I’m at work. Most often, the public doesn’t even notice that I’m unclothed. Initially, I feel embarrassed about being nude, but because no one else is, this weighty burden most often fades. Unlike the photo, I don’t have anything on in my dream. I think this is trying to tell me that psychologically, I feel exposed in life, vulnerable. (Don’t you love the above photo? I do!)
Unsurprisingly, this submissive is frequently told in her dreams that she needs a spanking and is going to get one. I am spanked with all manner of things. Unlike in the photo (below on top), I’ve never been spanked with a whole fresh salmon in my sleep. The interesting thing about this dream is the wide range of emotions I feel during it, from apprehension to excitement, not the wide range of implements.
Last night for the first time, I had the strangest dream ever. I was going to the bathroom, sitting on the toilet (as in the lower shot below), cleaning myself up after the fact (something I’m rather anal about, LOL), when all kinds of people came in to meet me, wanting to shake my hand and converse. I wonder if this dream has to do with emotions coming from publishing this blog. While I’m dealing with the most basic of butt stuff, I’ve chosen not to have any privacy. I write about it and publish that writing.
As I’ve often proclaimed, I LOVE this blog! That is unchanged. I’m just now becoming aware that there is a subconscious price to pay.

Another Photo Phantasies shot which I love!

“I’m gonna give you twenty with the trout!”

“Why not give me thirty, just for the halibut?”

Another shot that gave me a giggle, which is the whole point, isn’t it?

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