#293) The Accounting

“We have to talk,” John announced ominously as soon as he got home from work.
His new bride, Jennie, had been home for about half an hour. She had stripped out of most of her clothing and was lounging on their bed, but hadn’t started anything for dinner, or picked-up around their apartment. These tasks weren’t solely her responsibility; John was great about doing whatever needed to be done around the house, Jennie just wasn’t.
Jennie didn’t say anything initially back to John, just looked apprehensively at her hunk of a husband. Finally, she asked, “About what?”
“The usual!” he shot back. “Your spending, Jennie! We have to live within our means! You’re the accountant, for God’s sake!”
Our household budget is different from what I do at the accounting firm!” she returned just as strongly.
“It’s as simple as not spending more per month than we bring in!”
“More easily said than done!” she countered.
“If you’re impulsive! And you are! And now I’m going to try to teach you to think first…”
“What’re you gonna do…?” apprehension returning to her voice and pretty features.
“What I should have done on our wedding night, what I should have done about weekly ever since then! Hell, what your Dad should have done long ago… Roll over and pull your panties down, Jennie…” he said, pulling his belt from out of his pants’ loops.
“What? You can’t be serious! You won’t!”
John brandished his doubled-up belt in her face. “I’ve never been more serious in my life! You are a spoiled brat who has to learn not to do whatever you damn well please! Panties down and butt up…”
“That’s spousal abuse! I won’t stand for it… I’ll divorce you!”
John chose his words carefully, pronounced them forcefully, with sincerity, “I will not abuse you. I will punish you for your past errors, and teach you a lesson to prevent you from repeating those mistakes. It will be a sound spanking followed by a good belt-whipping. It will be confined to your bottom, which is well-padded and designed just for this. And mark my words, Jennie, I’m going to give it to you now and you are going to take it like a good girl, or I WILL walk out that door. This is a deal-breaker. Now, which is it?”
Her tone and demeanor changed. “Please don’t be hard on me! I’ve never been spanked…”
“That’s about to end here and now. I see the guilt all over your face. You know that your spending is out of control. Panties down…”
It’s a thong! It doesn’t offer any protection! Can’t I keep them up?” Jennie was very aware that something was happening to her. She was impressed with this forceful side of John, a side she’d never seen before. It excited her. And she had felt guilty with every exorbitant purchase, almost as if she was testing her limits with him, having been able to walk all over her daddy growing-up. And she’d always fantasized about what it’d be like to get a spanking. Jennie had put herself to sleep all through adolescence dreaming about a strong man who would rip down her pants and spank her bared and deserving butt… John just looked Jennie sternly in the eye. Slowly she bridged-up and pulled the cute, cherry-print panties down from around her waist, down her long legs, and off. “I’m sorry…” she offered, hanging her head, unable to look at her lover.
John sat on the bed, helped Jennie crawl across his lap. It felt awkward to her, but strangely sexual. Jennie looked amazing to John! He knew that this word was overused, but it was the only one that came to mind. He loved her shape, especially her pert, round bottom! He HATED to have to blemish its perfection, but at the same time, no one ever needed a lesson more than this undisciplined brat. And a spanking was the perfect lesson.
He rubbed her butt with an open hand, trying to relax the tension from the well-muscled orbs. She jumped at his touch.
“Relax…” he counseled.
“You’re not the one about to get spanked…”
As he continued to rub gently, his words matched his actions, “Do you deserve it?”
She wouldn’t give him that satisfaction. “Please get it over with…” was all she said.
That first spank really stung her virginal and uninitiated cheek. She reached back instinctively to protect her butt. John caught her wrist, turned it so that her arm was pinned behind her back, pinning her in place on his knee. He then pinned her legs between his. She couldn’t move. Then he unleashed the lesson. Her cries were plaintive and heart-rending, but John continued undeterred. Her tears profuse, still he spanked her. Her bottom grew ever redder, ever hotter, but still he worked her round bottom with his flat hand. She begged him to stop, she pleaded for leniency, she declared that she’d had enough; none of it deterred or even slowed the onslaught across her backside.
As suddenly as it started, the spanking ceased. The only sounds were Jennie’s whimpered mews and John’s labored breathing. She hoped it was all over. Then she felt John reach for his belt, heard the tinkling of the hasp against the buckle.
All of her protests thus far had been ignored, Jennie didn’t even try now.
She thought that she was nearly numb back there, but the first lash with that belt proved otherwise. It hurt ten times as much as his hand. Her mouth dropped open in awe-struck surprise.
Her lovely bottom was uniformly red, and John now realized that he found it even more erotic when spanked. And it seemed to be doing her so much good! He vowed that this would not be her last trip across his knee. He raised his now-armed hand high and brought the belt down resolutely. A white stripe burned across where it had been pure red, then the white hot mark turned an even-darker shade of red.
“You’re gonna get ten. Count them…”
In a woe-begotten little voice, she called out, “One!”
Armed arm raised, leather lashing through the air, the sound impact of it striking soft tush, her buttocks rippling, contorting, flexing, then relaxing, with another stripe now burning parallel to the first.
“Two!” came the anguish choked enumeration.
“Good girl, take your medicine…” he encouraged.
“Yes, sir. Thank you, sir,” came her reply. He was impressed, but didn’t dare relent. He needed to give her a full dose of this unpleasant tasting cure.
CRACK! “Three!”
They made their way through the prescribed prognosis until ten vivid red welts burnished her buttocks.
All was silent after she finally cried out, “Ten!” Jennie kept a pump bottle of skin lotion on her bedside table, was constantly rubbed a dab into her elbows or hands. Now her betrothed rubbed a copious amount into her wounded bottom. His hands parted her, and John glimpsed her rosebud, an orifice as immaculate as her innie navel and just as small. He touched it with a creamy finger, with just a bit of pressure, the digit disappeared a knuckle deep up her anus.
“Oooooooh…!” came from the end of Jennie facing the floor. “That feels so good!”
John loved that Jennie was so anal erotic, matching his love affair with her orifice back here. He realized that he loved everything about her, if she’d only settle down and behave!
“Do you want to make love?” John asked of his bride, keeping his finger up her butt.
“I’m really turned-on… but I’m… too…” and she broke down in tears again.
John turned Jennie over on his lap, hugged her, let her cry, careful to keep that lucky finger inserted in her backside.
“It’s all over now,” he soothed over and over, petting her hair, kissing away her tears, wiggling that finger in deeper.
When she could speak, she came back with, “Is it? Or am I gonna get it again…?”
“It’s over for now. You are going to receive another spanking whenever I see fit…” Jennie cuddled into him, as though wanting to climb right into his chest to nestle by his beating heart. But John noticed that she didn’t talk back, protest this pronouncement in any way. He continued, “I think we ought to have a check-up, on a regular basis. It’ll check on our finances, as well as our relationship status.
Jennie took the initiative, “I think you should put me over your knee, and open our laptop on my bare bottom, log onto our bank account, and if I’ve made any splurges, you should spank me for it…”
“How often do you think we should do this, my love?”
“Not every evening, please! …Let’s say once a week. And If I’m a good girl, you can reward me by spacing those check-ups out for longer durations, okay…?”
“I think that’s a good plan,” he said and kissed her mouth to seal the deal.
As soon as their lips parted, Jennie whispered, “I’m ready to make love now…” She straddled his sitting form facing him. “Keep your finger right where it is,” she advised, “it’s driving me crazy with lust!” She extracted his erection from his pants, rose up, impaled herself on him, and started to fuck him silly. “Thank you for my spanking, John! I’ll try to do better…” But secretly, she wasn’t sure if she would reform her flagrant spending habits, at least not right away. This way of rectifying the matter, with his cock inside her sex and his finger way up her anus, was a fuck of a lot of fun…

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