#294) The Tease

Becky is a cock tease. She’s proud of it. She bought this bathing suit because she could see that the material was thin. She didn’t realize how translucent it would be until it got wet. Now, on this Memorial Day pool opening, she’s very pleased with herself! She knows that she’s practically naked sitting poolside, the suit reveals all of Becky’s naughty bits.
Becky’s talking to John. She’s looking him straight in the eye. He’s having trouble returning her steady gaze. His eyes want to stare at Becky’s charms, so clearly evident through her wet suit. If her stare is straight and hard and unwavering, you should see poor John’s cock right now. His bathing suit can’t hide his erection. So he can’t go anywhere, and staying where he’s at is driving him insane with lust.
Becky is purposefully babbling on about how nice the weather is on this Memorial Day, how sunny the sky is, how cold the pool water is. But her subtext is all about sex, how hard her nipples are, how aroused her pussy. She’s enjoying John’s predicament.
This story doesn’t end as you think it might, with the two diving into the water to make-out. Becky’s mom, Mrs. Reilly, has accepted the invitation of a friend to come to the neighborhood pool on this lovely day. She sees her daughter, so exposed in that inappropriate wet bathing suit. She storms over, grabs Becky by the ear, turns her over her knee on a nearby chaise-lounge pool-deck chair, and spanks Becky’s bottom soundly. Spanks hurt much more on wet cheeks! That suit is so translucent, the redness shows through quite clearly when Becky’s mom is finally finished.
John enjoys his vantage point observing the chastisement of naughty Becky. John is a spanko. It is all almost too much for John, the kicking long legs, the plaintive cries, the bouncing buttocks under Mrs. Reilly’s punishing hand. John nearly climaxes involuntarily right there. He slips into the cold water, but even that isn’t enough to soften the tungsten steel between his legs. John decides, while swimming laps and looking like a surfboard with a long skeg, to date that exhibitionist Becky. But he’ll have a heart-to-heart chat with Mrs. Reilly before he takes her daughter out on their first date. He’ll share his common philosophy on the benefits of corporal punishment for mischievous young ladies. For the first time in her life, Becky will date someone her mother strongly approves of. And, for the first time in her life, Becky will receive a spanking from a male’s strong hand. Then, for the first time in her life, Becky will see that being a cock teaser isn’t nearly as much fun as being a cock pleaser.

5 responses to “#294) The Tease”

  1. Springing out of what I published yesterday about “feeling exposed,” I want to explore that concept of exposure for the next few days. This photo inspired my thinking; she’s wearing a suit but it doesn’t really cover anything…

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    • A morning one Becky Reilly, too-too big for her skimpy britches will not soon forget. I guess Mrs. Reilly wasn’t kidding. Certainly the medicine a gamine JM might have benefitted from blushing and yelping under the cracking ministrations of a stout dishpan Irish palm or the thin sole of her own cute leather sandal.
      Her imagination alive with wet cement smell, the fusillade of spanks and apologies, the utter, melty embarrassment of it all as she rolls around in her empty bed, rolling this white hot upended-and—spanked-for-misbehaving- at-the- pool vignette around in her head. A lazy Monday holiday. Perfect for a bare-bottomed spanking idyll.
      Thank you, JM.

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  2. That is a great morning inspiration! The high point would have been watching her be helplessly and soundly spanked and well deservedly so.Her face would be red from humiliation but hopefully ( for me at least) not as red as her thoroughly chastised bottom cheeks. I need to start hanging around pools in the mornings!
    Thanx for this morning excitement. Great post!

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