#295) First Day of Summer

Memorial Day marks the unofficial start of summer. Pools are opening all across the country. As a teen and college students, I would’ve been slathered in baby oil and reading by the pool (and am paying the price for that now) all day, every day until fall.

But I never ventured outside in something resembling what the blond (pictured above) is wearing to her neighborhood pool! My bikini was full cut across the seat, to give me sexy tan lines framing my bottom. This bathing suit doesn’t even have a bottom, just strings. Personally, I think it’s a crime to wear something like this suit out in public, a crime punishable with a spanking.

Of course, tan lines are so sexy (as evidenced below), the paleness of a bottom has been known to inspire a good spanking, too…

Look at that expression on her face. It’s as if she is daring you to spank her, as if she knows that the natural state for her creamy bottom is to be marked, reddened, and warmed until sizzling.

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