#296) My New Normal

I’m very pleased and proud of myself! In the past, I’ve spent a day like today writing and publishing and writing and publishing. That has sometimes amounted to five or six separate stories, and has left me drained.But today I was more self-disciplined. Today, I published the main story, “The Accounting,” then wrote the impromptu story, “The Tease” and its off-shoot, “First Day of Summer,” and published them. I spent the majority of the day writing a story that will be published in about a week. (I like having about that many written pieces as a backlog, as a cushion, so I’m never pressed for time.) So, I didn’t go overboard with publishing and overwhelming my readership, but I did indulge in a little self-pleasuring (along with some domestic duties such as laundry). That seems like a better balance! (I hope it doesn’t seem like Too Much Information.)

4 responses to “#296) My New Normal”

  1. Sounds like that adds pleasure to your writing and that has to further benefit all your dedicated and faithful readers . I never thought you could improve on your posts AND do more housework AND get a red bottom AND orgasm. Jean Marie you are officially an accomplished writer,!
    Seriously, thank you for the posts yo so consistently provide.
    I enjoy them all.

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  2. I love hearing about your writing/pleasure process! I love to be spanked, to sit down after and write a naughty story on a warm bottom, and then fuck myself silly with one of my dildos…perfect way to spend a holiday weekend πŸ™‚

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    • I suffer from anxiety attacks. I love publishing this blog, yet often fear that I’m exposing too much of myself as a school teacher. Then, at other times, my sexuality takes over and my true self comes out (flagrantly).


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